Heat Wave~Some Like it Hot.

Wow it is hot out. I was tuning into the weather but-this is crazy heat. Its August heat in mid June mixed with humidity. Im guessing it was 90-92 degrees out because when I was out I felt my face burn meanwhile the dog is oblivious to reality. She’s like hold on Im still sniffin’. This previous week was quite stressful and this weekend’s heat kinda puts me in a funk. Meanwhile the cool neighbor is just chilling out on his one wheeled bike a unicycle is that what you call it? My dad’s like that guy is so cool. I was like I know right one minute he’s outside¬†reading, plays the piano, now he rides a unicycle. He occasionally drives slow by me while he tries to read my mind…and I like it except when he flashes his lights in my face after 10pm when I took all my makeup off.

I applaud him for enjoying this heat and being able to not blast the house with any a/c. My dad and I were debating about¬†what we can’t live without. I can’t live without the a/c. I CAN however live without a phone, i can live without a car(20 years in japan and walking 40 minutes to an hour from a train station closest to the military base has made me one of those as long as i have comfy shoes kinda gal) You remember that story about Brian I met in high school. He tells me “if you cant catch the base bus you can ride the train” and he teaches me how much the ticket is which one to hop on but the catch was it was 40 minutes of walking from there that was tough and first but…I gotta admit walking that 40 minutes on a real hot day had me going where is my a/c. I got spoiled living on a military base for so long having access to a/c and water. My dad was like you know if we air conditioned the whole house for a month really cold-we’d probably pay $500 easy. I was like “turn it down NOW” so we try to stick with 75-76. Anything is better than 92-96 right now.