My Favorites/Feb ’19

I really dig the Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm but using the ceramic slip with it is such a great double cleanse because my skin seems clearer brighter pores smaller. My ceramic slip 1oz tube from the trial set I bought from Sephora is finally empty so I just bought a full size tube!For some reason some Sephora’s don’t want to carry the blue moon in store and its bumming. I feel like if you carry the ceramic slip you might as well carry the blue moon but maybe selective numbers like 2-3 if that’s a limit. I’d buy it. I went ahead and bought myself another tube of dermalogica pre cleanse balm though. I tell myself I won’t because I go through so much in so little time but that’s also a real good makeup remover for sensitive skin/people that wear tons of sunscreen like myself.

I also bought these two items: the Byredo vetyver rinse free hand wash if you’re wondering why I bought vetyver its because I always wanted to smell it and I knew if I didn’t like it as much a guy could use it because it wouldn’t be too floral. The scent was light but awesome. Its very thin and creamy and I used too much on my first try so really just go easy on the tube. A little goes a long way. Then ofcourse the jao brand sunbeam illuminator with spf 30. I mix it with jao brand goe oil (which is expensive but insanely good I only use goe oil in the winter time) I use it only on my arms, legs or anywhere where I’m so dry I’m like powder if that makes any sense. I like how people will smell it and go “what is that some kinda exotic tea and gardenia?” I don’t know so im like maybe. that works.