Review: Bumble and bumble. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Hot Oil Concentrate

My thoughts on the product:

pros: smells great

soaks in quick

more than enough product for most hair volumes I think because I had a lot left after applying


$8/1 tube kinda pricey

extremely hard to get product to rinse out. residue of oil remained.

will not be repurchasing. BUT will continue to purchase other items from their Hairdresser’s invisible oil line–you know what I miss the original formula of the self heating L’oreal oil. I may look online to see them.



I wasn’t sure if I wrote about this product in the past so I thought why not?

as all or most PHILIP B. products its definitely worth the splurge. his line always wonderful if ya ask me.

here are some of what I know of the product(I also tried it and I love it)

-its color and keratin treatment safe

contains: passion fruit, lemon, chamomile (oohlala~)

the scent is sooo good. If anyone remembers the super rich conditioner and the shampoo from Bumble and bumble. the scent a dupe really! It smells so nice.

I don’t think the product is heavy either so this .05 sample given to me is really awesome.

What I’m using Right Now

  • MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Creme SPF 30
  • DRUNK ELEPHANT D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops
  • Chanel gloss
  • Occasionally at night: Laneige lip sleeping mask in berry? the pink one. I gifted my friend the green one. I initially said i wasn’t sure if it works but it works…infact i will get another jar down the road.
  • D-Bronzi+MdSolarSciences blended together and I feel really bada– i dont look pale and i dont look dark its just right I use less than a full pump I was thinking about purchasing some Dr. Hauschka bronzing tint and i realized i had just bought D-Bronzi and I was super stoked cause i forgot.

Living Alone: Favorite Things I Bought

With the help of my wonderful friend, I went to Walmart and bought everything I need. The basics if you will: shower curtains, adorable tiny bathroom wastebasket, my queen size allswell mattress(amazing comfort best $299.00 ever spent)my bohemian bedding set and last but not least—my favorite item aside from my mattress the electric kettle by Hamilton beech. The electric kettle has saved me so much time and now that my allergies are back it makes me tea quick and hot water to cook quick and I hope it never breaks. I made this new friend and I told him if anyone robs my apartment don’t take my electric kettle or my mattress and we’re good. I do have renter’s insurance but its the thought ya know?

Innovasian Orange Chicken

My current favorite frozen food thanks to this “stay at home” as much as you can thing I buy dry or frozen foods.  bought 2 types from the brand on a whim. I was like why not? Best choice. The other one might be sesame? but hands down for me, its about this orange chicken very easy to cook–

La Colombe Coffee: Caramel Draft Latte

All I can say is, I was always a Starbucks glass jar drink woman-I am now a La Colombe coffee kinda woman, the caramel draft latte kinda woman to be exact.

This coffee in a can is so good I can’t stop raving about it. Its good. I would possibly order a case or whatever the bulk shipment would be. Its such a treat. Yesterday my friend goes “I need some kind of caffeine either something matcha or coffee” unfortunately everything is closed due to the rules/regulations. I am not one to complain but there I was going “I do have a can of La Colombe caramel!!” My friend goes “I can’t take your favorite coffee, girl” I think she really wanted to avoid my stairs.

Here is what I miss-hair edition

Save the day fluid- you know the leave in I miss that everything about it the packaging the smell how great it made my hair look

today I ordered the other favorite item of mine the r+co centerpiece elixir I bought the huge one because really whats the point of buying 2,3 tiny ones if you just use it all the time? right?

im currently using OUAI’s air dry foam? I believe that’s what its called and the its a 10 with keratin tiny spray cause I found it at a CVS and it does revive my sad limp strands but I miss my holy grail the save the day fluid. No luck at the Sephora I went to cause they don’t carry the line. I was very tempted to try the olaplex stuff though. I may do that next because really the oil looks great and so do the conditioners. shampoo i’d stick with the ones I dig. its the conditioning items I wanna know about! if anyone does know–let me know!


Just Like I Said: It’s Popular.

Here’s one thing I did forget to mention, once I got the one JC Penney location Sephora that’s the one I last visited—every single tube of Drunk Elephant’s beste cleanser was gone. Sold out! Right now for me its about a cleanser that doesn’t strip and makes me feel clean-seeing the tube up close and realizing how large it was made me realize it was worth every penny. You only need a tiny bit and I have a round face!

Also bummed I saw no Boscia at that location. I was praying I’d see some makeup breakup cleansing oil. I’m kinda partial to certain makeup removers. I think that we have to realize cleansers will say “removes makeup” but we should always go that extra step prior to cleansing just because we don’t want leftover makeup to transfer onto our pillow at night or have to remove leftover makeup the following morning. Ya know?

Coffees to go/also Dunkin Matcha latte

New things I tried: Forto coffee I think it was called latte? they have so many styles even a Hershey chocolate kind. Very cool. You can find them at Target and Walmart for sure. I liked it and I had it while waiting for maintenance work so I don’t fall asleep. It helped.

Starbucks is carrying a glass jar unsweetened cold brew and a new flavor for the Frappuccino in the jar its called butter caramel? both were incredible. I’d repurchase.

Last but not least Dunkin matcha latte which my friend and I got in the iced version-to die for. Obviously their prices are better than Starbucks also the large size kept me happy all afternoon. My friend was like “Dunkin needs to do more promotions because no one knows of some of the new lineups”

also I got stung by a fireant while putting my trash out. fun stuff!