Im Having a Moment…

What a long week. I know it just started but I can’t even remember if its Monday or Tuesday right now. All I can say is I drank lots of coffee, my arthritis and psoraisis is back in full swing and I just dropped everything out of my purse. What a mess. The only good thing that came out of today was trying the living proof products. I love the light purple line. Is it repair or restore? Terrible memory issues right now.

I was eating terribly for the past 2 days or so and my skin broke out and I was like ugh. So Im kinda doing the switch products around thing. Im also trying to do as little sugar and starch diet to undo the damage. I was super excited reading the into the gloss article today.  Im still on the fence about some of the more organic hair care lines because they smell rather strong but Garrett Markenson products are really good. I love reading top shelf articles. On a sad note my attempt to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette was an epic fail. They sold out at the store I like to stop by because of all the discounts and black friday sales. I was so bummed. I only want the one palette so I was like Im not getting it shipped to me because I dont want a cracked palette and have to cry as I send it back to refund!


Sephora, You Made My Week.

I was immediately excited when I saw the UPS man because he’s ridiculously tall, and handsome and has a great voice but my package wasn’t smashed in over a year or so. It was so perfect I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Onto the products: Travel sizes very large when seen in person also I loved my point perk giftset(thank you Sephora I will be sharing some of the items with friends)and the samples were actually ones I chose? Super excited for the weekend!

Have You Seen the Travel Sized Goodies on Sephora?

Just as I was like Im not shopping at sephora anymore(its not their fault its a shipping issue Im pretty sure im getting the one today slaughtered too)they send you a $25 coupon. I gotta admit when someone gives me more than $10 off I will consider it but $25, I gotta start my list!

So I was looking at tiny things I can use up but also wanted to try and came across the travel sized items and wow have you seen it? They now carry the 1.7oz size of the Kate Somerville cleanser?The bite beauty gift set was incredible(didn’t buy it this time)and they had the tiny spray version of the leave in from living proof I saw on the beautyiQ channel. I was like I’d buy it if it wasn’t so….wait a minute a travel sized one? Dangerously good choices right now. I dont always want to commit to the full sizes because it turns my bathroom and room into a mess. Oh sephora, you pull me back in just when I start walking away…!

I Finally Bought the Urban Decay Eye Palette

I dont know why but one day I was looking at an article about making your makeup more winter-y and I was like I’ve always wanted #2 and #3 but I’d probably use #2 more so palette #2 it was. I didnt know how bulky the palette was and I kinda love it.

It gives me makeup artists vibes. The colors in palette 2 are so neutral and others not over the top metallic that its perfect for day and night looks. Glad I finally invested. Definately not taking it on travel though. lol


November 2017 Empties.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 16.7 fl oz

Lucas papaw ointment25g

Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water -travel sized

Dermalogica precleanse balm

Benefit rollerlash brown

sampled: L’occitane immortelle oil makeup remover


Review: AG hair care rosehip balm

I always wanted to try something from AG hair care. I love all things rosehip and I found this and I bought it. Here are my thoughts:

-it doesn’t have any strong scent. I will say I did smell some mint-like scent once I applied it.

-once I blow dried it my hair was less of a dry sad tangled mess.

-I prefer it over my rose+apricot cream from John Masters?! WHAAAT. I said it.

Right now I’m washing with Oribe repair and restore shampoo, conditioning with Ouai repair(I ran out of bumble and bumble hairdresser’s invisible oil conditioner more on that in the November empties)and I use a natural cream-y item and blow dry because its cold now. Air drying is tough when its cold.

Brand Spotlight: Juice Beauty

Years ago I tried a sample from the Juice Beauty line and I absolutely loved it. I can’t remember if it was a lip balm or a cream but it was amazing. I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Goop brand skincare but the price is steep if I want to purchase 2 or more and I needed something simple but great and remembered reading Goop was made with Juice Beauty? Sorry if I’m wrong but I thought why don’t I get Juice Beauty stuff I need a new cleanser and a backup item when my suntegrity is gone. I bought the stem cellular cc cream in warm glow and the 2-in-1 cleanser.

Here’s what I thought of the cc cream: the color couldn’t be more perfect. I wouldn’t consider myself fair but not dark either so I’m an odd place I would say I’m like a medium…kind of…I like the more yellow toned items I use colors that identify with cool or warm depending on the brand. I use light in suntegrity and medium in it cosmetics. So that gives you the idea of my skin color. The scent is a very natural scent to me it smells like salsa sauce?in all the good way. It smells like a mixture of lime and spices? hot pepper and lime-ish. No skin irritation and the longer I wear it the better it seems to look. Its not full coverage but between the sunscreen and tint I’m completely sold.

The 2-in-1 cleanser has a light fruit like scent its not watery or heavy its just right its easy to put on and rinse off, no tight feeling and my skin looks smoother every time I use it. I loved it so much I will see if I can purchase another tube! the travel tube is fantastic not to mention its only $10.

Finishing Powders by Becca

I wanted to make sure to use both powders I bought in order to write reviews on them so here are the two Becca cosmetics powders I bought: the soft light blurring powder and the shimmering skin perfector pressed in lilac geode.

Becca’s soft light blurring powder is in this elegant simple icecube looking screw jar packaging it comes nicely sealed and one thing I learned with loose powders is don’t peel off the full seal. Its a bad idea you’ll end up with product oozing out onto the upper lid so that is my main advice because you only need a dime size or so. I used it with and without product underneath and because my skin needs more help being that my skin is dry and I don’t have perfect skin to begin with…I use a cc cream or a foundation let it sink in then brush a dime size little by little over my face. I personally thought the more time passed it looked dewy and amazing.

Onto the Becca shimmering skin perfector pressed in lilac geode. The compact is so cool. The outer part has the usual Becca engraving in the round part but the corner areas that surround it is lilac. Once you open the product you are immediately drawn the pinky-lilac shade which I find universal. This is another product I think you shouldn’t overdo because you will end up too shiny and it will bulk up on your skin so brush it lightly in a circular motion or from your nose area. I think its perfect for the winter and I love carrying it in my bag because its so pretty. Don’t know why I didn’t try the pressed powders until now really.

I also bought the under eye brightener which I plan to write about once I use it more.

New Love: Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

I’m currently using dermalogica skin smoothing cream as a daily night cream. It doesn’t smell as great as the Dr. Hasuchka stuff but I do love how great my skin is looking right now. I’m saving the blue cocoon for flare ups, colder upcoming months.

I’m really growing to love Dermalogica. Its a bit on the higher side for price but if you find what works for you its really good. So far the precleanse, the cleansing gel, microfoliant, and the smoothing cream are my favorite of the brand for dry sensitive skin. As a teen I was told I was dry combination but I’m dry sensitive here. I still occasionally lean toward the dry/combo day creams though!


Review: It’s a 10-miracle moisture shampoo

I’ve owned the shampoo for some time now but I never really gave it enough use to see whether it was great or not. Here are my thoughts:

-it smells good its fresh and almost citrus-y

-it doesn’t lather because its sulfate free but its not too thick

-it rinses out nice

-works really well with other brands I mix and match it with

Here’s one thing I know for a fact about moisturizing shampoos now, don’t use a lot. Its moisturizing for a reason so don’t overdo it. I’ve been there and done that. Even with this shampoo I’ll use a dime size at a time.

So if I were to rate it its a 9/10. Its almost perfect. Its not the Alterna caviar moisture shampoo but its close and less pricey. Love the pump it comes in too.