Sephora and Ulta Sale-Here’s What I Bought!

The older I get the less I need(or atleast that’s my goal between now and spring of this year.)I’m not one to pass up on any discounts so I was super excited both stores were having sales side by side.  Here’s what I bought at Ulta: the Living proof. no frizz nourishing oil 3.4oz what shocked me was that its in a glass bottle. I finished all my oil samples from them and I thought why not I love the way it makes my hair feel and smells wonderful.

Here’s what I bought at Sephora: OleHenriksen truth serum 1.7oz, Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm.

I’m keeping it simple and keeping it where I purchase what I need not want. I think this cleansing balm I bought is going to come in handy when my skin flares up in the upcoming colder months. Super excited about the blue moon. The truth serum is something I started using about a month ago and so far I love it. I use it over the kora organics noni glow oil.