Things That Make Me Happy.

Prior to getting my teeth straightened I drank coffee atleast twice a day. I’d drink 1-2 10 or more ounces of coffee then I’d go to Starbucks and get something delicious and sugary like a frappuccino, a latte or one of those doubleshots with added flavors like vanilla or caramel. When I wasn’t drinking coffee, I drank green tea unsweetened or I’d add that matcha mix my friends and family sent me. I promised the dentist I would never go back during the process and as hard as its been and as frustrated as I was then–I have gotten so many compliments on my teeth. You do not realize how your teeth were until you straighten them and see the improvements.

That being said I had to replace this “caffiene addiction” with something else I loved..that would be music. I’ve been playing Sade and Tristan Prettyman because their voices bring me to a “happy” place.

I’m currently cleaning my room and I find things I saved for no real reason so I started tossing those into a big garbage bag which is now full and heavy. I threw out old clothes, old cards, old makeup utensils which clearly should’ve not been saved and were dusty old Diptyque candle my good friend would say “girl, that’s cray cray.”


They now sell banana chips that are oil free and sugar free–it was mind blowing to me. I mix it with my Sahale raspberry and cranberry trail mix-thing I joked “hey it says banana chips but they’re tiny” so I bought these organic banana chips from another brand and mix them with the Sahale berry and nut mix.