Going on a 2-day Trip/What I Will be Packing:

Here’s what I decided to pack on my short trip:

  • BIODERMA Sensibio H2O I have exactly 1/2 the bottle left of the 100ml size
  • Chanel rouge coco flash 54 “boy” Chanel coco gloss 119
  • CHANEL mascara
  • Diptyque L’OMBRE DANS L’EAU roll on perfume oil and .25oz edt
  • Carmex classic lip balm .35oz tube
  • aveeno daily moisturizing loton 1 oz
  • LUSH lip scrub


What to Pack When Traveling.

So its almost that time when I decide where to travel and my heart is set on the west coast. I always pack too much. I packed very little on my overseas trip yet I packed everything on my island getaway. Very unnecessary and I realized I had over the pack limit yet the nice guy was like ah its creams. Sorry guy!

So this time around I’m debating sample sized shampoo some makeup wipes but I do I take eye cream? has anyone given the Becca under eye brightener a try? I want that. I have dark eye circles. lol

Planning Ahead…

I realized I had gone without coffee for almost 2 days and when I finally had the coffee I could finally think straight. As I was saying earlier the week was long. I do this new thing where if I have nothing nice to say about someone, or something I just don’t talk about it and I try to move on. Emphasis on try. After I got the 2 cups of medium roast coffee, I started thinking about what fun was waiting for me on my trip! I thought about the only sold in Japan items on the coffee shop menus(Tully’s, Starbucks, Doutors)wait a minute do they even have Doutors here? Lets just say Doutor’s is lovely. They carry a couple desserts and their coffee is quite delicious. I usually get a non sugary coffee drink with a slice of whatever I like they offer for the day. I can’t wait to do that again!  Thinking about the trip just got me all giddy inside. I also jotted down which stores I wanted to check out possibly MUJI because my cousin and I’ve always loved their products and we don’t have one by my area and maybe I’ll check out the Ikea in Japan. My friends and I plan to hang out on or two of the days while Im  there but I plan mostly to stay with family. Im packing bare minimum and I’m raiding family beauty shelves. I know Im going to find some cool K beauty stuff in their beauty shelves/cabinets.

Im almost tempted to buy a pair of cool sneakers while Im there. I always loved going to cool shoe stores in Japan. They carry the best selections…dreamy…..


Long Overdue…

Looks like I’ll be heading home for a little bit(Japan)and I am excited! Its been long overdue. Thinking about what Im going to do when I get back. What will will I take with me, what shall I do. Two things I want to get my hands on are the mont blanc chestnut desserts and the biwa jelly, of course.

This week I’m going out to see if I can really find the herban essentials in stock at the local Target store. I have a bag and I absolutely love them but I want to try another scent. Also wondering if the one store really will carry the jao brand item I want. Too bad no one wants to invest in the Dr Bronner lavender hand sanitizer because I want a bottle. I just love their castile soap.