How I Cook My Toast.

Sometimes we have nothing in the fridge but there’s one item to make everything work. I like to fix my toast in a certain way. I guess its some of the habits I learned working at a sandwich shop but I add a couple steps. I’ll fix two thin sliced bread put it in a microwavable bag(those bags in your turkey are great too)I microwave it for 20 seconds or less then I pull the bread out put a thin spread of olive oil and sea salt butter on it then I sprinkle both the minced garlic and a little bit of sea salt then I top it with a little bit of cheese generally anything shredded. My final step toasting it for a couple minutes on 345-360 degrees in the toaster. Sometimes i’ll add sautéed mushrooms on the side, an egg ham but we’re out of everything so its just my favorite toast and something hot possibly green tea.