Moto Jacket and Smith & Cult the Shining Lip Lacquer

Thanks to the 26 stubborn pounds I finally lost, I was able to dig out some of my old clothes (some so old it was from about a decade ago) Its been very economical. I also got a new pair of the vans i think they’re called old skools. I love how simple they are my feet are wide and flat so its not as comfortable as my chuck taylors but hey, its very cute.

After reading about Dakota Johnson on Allure I started thinking I should start wearing tinted lip products because some days Im just too lazy to do anything and I feel boring and plain and I need that “something.” I was gifted the Smith & Cult lip lacquer in two shades so I was like what the heck this looks like I color I’d never wear(no it wasn’t red it was coral)the other a very nice plum-ish nude. Both colors were beautiful and different and every time I put some on someone would go “i love your lips the color is stunning.” I was like tinted lip products—you’re doing me wonders not to mention I seem healthier. Right now I try very hard to put concealer under my eyes and put some color on my lips..when I feel like I want to put more effort in my makeup I’ll tap on some coral or nude shaded cream blush other days I will pull out the Maybelline Kajal eyeliner in brown or blue.

Right now Im trying to fight the urge to cut my hair short but the frizz and the moisture are really making my hair look wild then I think well when its shorter there’s more volume in a bad way. There’s nothing better than a top bun on a hot summer day so I’ll fight my urges to chop.