This Spring Sun!

I finally went ahead and bought 4-6 more sunscreens because this spring sun has been hitting me hard. I’m like how can it be so cold and so sunny? Here are the sunscreens I purchased in the last few days:

  • Josie Maran moisturizer with spf47
  • Suntegrity the silver one
  • both versions of the Umbra sunscreens from Drunk Elephant and who would’ve thought the original version was so much larger? Score!
  • this brand which my friend recommended

now if ONLY I could find an easier way to purchase mdsolarsciences I’d be ecstatic. There is a brand I want to try that I saw on someone’s empty today–hmm. Never thought that there would be a day where I rave about sunscreen and then I hit my 30s.

Review: W3ll People spf 30 biotint.

Its been a nice week or so of decent weather just real sunny. I’ve learned my best friend is definitely vitamin c/AHA products as I age. The downside to using strong items that clear skin/anti age is that you get prone to sunburns and sunspots. I read up on a lot of what works and through trial and error it is official: use zinc oxide 17% or more if possible. I bought the w3ll people version for the first time and I must say as weird as the scent was to me at first the fact that I don’t break out or feel irritations is fantastic.

The tube is very edgy in gray and white and it has 20% zinc. So right now I’m using that and the juice beauty concealer. They work good together. I was worried the shade I ordered was too light but nope, works.  You just need to buy other items incase what you love gets discontinued and so far this w3ll people biotint not bad. It will definitely be my fall staple.