Review: fresh sugar mint rush freshening lip treatment

Finally, she is mine. She is a beauty! I normally don’t spend this kind of money on a lip balm but somehow fresh makes me want to purchase a couple of their lip products this one was definitely high on my list! Here are my thoughts:

  • beautiful green ombre packaging
  • shockingly-not over the top mint-y in flavor which is actually a good thing
  • goes on smooth and it almost feels less waxy than the other ones…although I will say I do love their white version is the advanced?therapy..?something like that. the white one and my favorite tinted one was always their rose one.
  • I believe it was sold for $24-25 that I will have to get back to you on–but…I was very happy with my purchase! I didn’t want the cute packaging to get scratched up and put it in its separate makeup bag.
  • lets just say its staying in my bag 24/7