Review: Stila Lingerie Souffle Skin Perfecting Primer “sun-kissed”

New to my bronzer collection is this primer. Here’s some of my thought/info on the product:

  • comes in a heavy glass jar (the jar is clear and the lid is a very pretty rose gold screw on-type lid and it will actually click when closed)
  • Less than a dime-size amount gets the job done(that’s just me so opinions and preferences may vary)I mix it with a much lighter cc cream I got on accident.
  • Although product is liquid and starts off like a cream I think the finish is almost powder like
  • I feel like it makes me look less like a zombie on bad days!
  • no breakouts/reactions
  • 1oz=$36

I’d rate this product a 9/10 I worry about dropping the jar and put it leaning on a corner of the bathroom sink.

Empties:July 2018

-Stila stay all day HD illuminating beauty balm spf30

-Bumble and bumble. while you sleep overnight damage repair masque

-It cosmetics miracle water 3-in-1 glow tonic

-Koh gen do spa water wipes(the original size)

-Koh gen do moisture foundation #113

-It cosmetics confidence in a cleanser .6oz

-juice beauty stem cellular cc cream “warm glow”

sampled: amika the kure shampoo and conditioner, ouai smooth shampoo and conditioner, moroccanoil blow dry concentrate

Illuminating Primers.

I just want to say I love Meghan Markle and after hearing she was using the Laura Mercier foundation primer radiance I bought it. I was like SOLD! I’ve been very happy about that decision. Originally I was eyeing the bronzing primer but I’ve always loved that subtle glow and the color in there is not over the top and beautiful.

I’m also¬†using the Stila one step illuminate underneath my sunscreen and it does wonders. I had to share it with people because its great.¬† Both items are fantastic. I did use primers at one point on a daily but there wasn’t that wow about it and I quit using primers. These items you just need a drop or two you can blend it in your moisturizer, under your sunscreen it is so easy and for someone as dry and sensitve skinned as I am (im still told im combination for moisturizers but still..)I will take any blurring effect I can get.

Thank you Meghan Markle for looking so good. Your hair and make up inspire me and now I’m growing out my hair and I even blow dry it to smooth it out now!

July 2017 Empties

Kikumasamune uruoi nihonshyu- face mask(so here’s the thing I was all in on the k beauty masks until I realized how much I was forking out on individual ones some were 3.50 others higher then I get to a drugstore in Japan and come across resealable 7 sheet ones for under 600-700yen which is an equivalent to 6-7bucks in us dollars I immediately bought a pack of the pink Lululun(for sensitive or dry skin)and ofcourse this Kikumasumene uruoi(which means moisturizing its the pink package and its made with Japanese sake yes…similar to a famous international brand I wont say but its a fraction of the price and very soothing on my skin!)

Neutrogena extra gentle eye makeup remover pads

Neutrogena cleansing towelettes hydrating

Stila stay all day 10 in 1 HD illuminating beauty balm spf30

Oribe conditioner for brilliance and shine(I use a lot of conditioner its crazy)

MAC Fix+

Dr Bronner’s lavender castile soap (a multitasker you can use to clean makeup brushes, your hands when you need a quick wash, an excellent body wash)

Oribe supershine moisturizing cream 1.7oz (I found out there is a light version and the version I use which is for thicker hair)

Evian facial spray 1.7oz

Lanolips all over golden dry skin salve(smells like caramel meets vanilla very rich in texture and works for everything)

samples I used: dermalogica skin smoothing cream, Leonor Greyl masque fleurs de jasmine (not bad but I think I prefer Rahua for this kind of price i’d say try Rahua’s omega 9 one unless you love the scent of jasmine because I sure do!)



My One and Only Desert Island Item

So here and there I’ll cheat and use other products sometimes for the hype sometimes because a packaging or shade. The one and only product I always find myself going back to is the Stila all day 10 in 1 HD illuminating beauty balm. Its my desert island must have. Its so good. I was turned onto Stila years ago when the lip glazes and the tinted moisturizers were out and I tried everything and at the time I was a big fan of their illuminating foundation powder. It was so easy it covered my random acne and uneven-ness and then a dry skin miracle-they come out with bb creams. I tried everything but the bronzing version so both the silver and the illuminating. The original silver for some reason did not give me anything I wanted but the illuminating bb was the perfect yellowish pink gold that complimented my not quite medium but also note fair skintone.

The bb cream smells like heaven and I only need a dab to cover my skin problems. Its the best $38 I will spend on a product. I’m very picky and I prefer to spend less but I forget, repurchase and strangers will go “is that your own skin or is it foundation” and I go neither its stila illuminating beauty balm! The it cosmetics illumination one is quite close in medium but I don’t know if its a tolerance issue and I’m using stila again until my skin improves because with Stila I don’t have any skin problems.