Finishing Powders by Becca

I wanted to make sure to use both powders I bought in order to write reviews on them so here are the two Becca cosmetics powders I bought: the soft light blurring powder and the shimmering skin perfector pressed in lilac geode.

Becca’s soft light blurring powder is in this elegant simple icecube looking screw jar packaging it comes nicely sealed and one thing I learned with loose powders is don’t peel off the full seal. Its a bad idea you’ll end up with product oozing out onto the upper lid so that is my main advice because you only need a dime size or so. I used it with and without product underneath and because my skin needs more help being that my skin is dry and I don’t have perfect skin to begin with…I use a cc cream or a foundation let it sink in then brush a dime size little by little over my face. I personally thought the more time passed it looked dewy and amazing.

Onto the Becca shimmering skin perfector pressed in lilac geode. The compact is so cool. The outer part has the usual Becca engraving in the round part but the corner areas that surround it is lilac. Once you open the product you are immediately drawn the pinky-lilac shade which I find universal. This is another product I think you shouldn’t overdo because you will end up too shiny and it will bulk up on your skin so brush it lightly in a circular motion or from your nose area. I think its perfect for the winter and I love carrying it in my bag because its so pretty. Don’t know why I didn’t try the pressed powders until now really.

I also bought the under eye brightener which I plan to write about once I use it more.