Keratin: You Complete Me.

I swore I was using everything I needed but the dry split ends and tangles they were hard to avoid…until I started using keratin products. My hair is now fluffy and back to almost my high school years smooth and bouncy the best its looked in years. You know what this means, I’m definitely purchasing a bottle of the OGX keratin shampoo soon! I will be repurchasing the its a 10 deep conditioner.

Here are my hair care go to’s:

-ouai smooth shampoo(the shampoo is larger than the conditioner so I realize the price difference of a couple dollars but this shampoo definitely smells better than the conditioner that already smells great—like a boutique or something crazy fancy and elegant)

-its a 10 miracle deepĀ conditioner(can’t remember the whole name off the top of my head but I believe its a deep conditioner in a tube with an orange lid and blue tube)

-Bumble and bumble. while you sleep masque

-Bumble and bumble save the day OR the its a 10 spray “with keratin” orange lid. If its really sunny–like it is here right now I pump two pumps of the save the day but today its just humid and not too sunny!

I still have tangles here and there but nothing that I had and I also suggest the bumble and bumble scalp detox once a week because it is incredible. If anyone uses the Oribe serene scalp–i’d like to know about the product!

Review: Ouai Smooth Shampoo

I’ve used everything from drugstore to the fanciest shampoos(in my opinion the fanciest would be Oribe and I am getting ready to try the Sisley one-more on that soon) I was raving about how much I enjoyed the repair and smooth conditioner from Ouai andĀ I couldn’t make out why the shampoo (as far as I remember unless they adjusted it)cost more than the conditioner. I usually thought it was the other way around and realized that as much as I loved the conditioners the shampoo might be even better. Everything about it was amazing. When Im out of all shampoo I can see myself purchasing a bottle of this.

Here are my thoughts:


-the texture of the shampoo very gel like and not too thick so easy to lather onto hair

-scent is unlike any other but in a fancy European department kinda way

-washes out without feeling of stripping

-can be used with other brand items and make hair look less limp but also tamed



-can’t think of one and the price is less than the other fancy shampoos yet the effect is quite similar or better!