Sephora Sale and Other Fun Stuff.

I’d been running around tackling things and actually forgot I didn’t even post on my empties for once. I did really well this time the best probably out of any Sephora sale and bought ONLY what I NEED whether it was a full size product of a sample I loved or something I use daily to remove sunscreen/cleanser.

I believe my total spending was rounded to about $250 or less which is shocking for someone like me who’s all over the place but…that was about what I spent in grand total and only bought the necessities. (pops collar haha)

I’ve also become a die hard lip product person I mean I wore lip gloss/lipsticks from time to time but I’ve kinda made it a duty to wear lip products daily my favorite lip products of the moment are really pretty pinks one being the le crayon levres (precision lip definer) in “rose delicat” and rouge coco gloss #728 both by chanel beautiful pinks. I like using the lipliner/pencil all over and dabbing on some Aquaphor lip repair and running out the door the color is absolutely adorable and perfect for the spring/summer but I plan to wear it all year long. You know you LOVE a product when you use it every chance you get my lip gloss is like a 1/3 empty already.