Review: it Cosmetics Secret Sauce

As you all know by now, one of my favorite brands put out this new anti aging moisturizer and I was in this long debate with people around me if I should just not sample it and purchase it or wait around…I waited and Sephora blessed me with a sample! Here are my thoughts:


-smells very light a very fresh scent if there is any left after it sinks in

-texture of this cream not too rich but also creamy once applied feels like a serum which is great for my dry/combo-most of the times sensitive skin

-within minutes skin is glowing

-no reactions to product

-skin looks even better following morning!



-the jar container definitely a minus for me-if it comes in a tube like their cleanser i’d jump on board.


10/10 the pros outweigh the cons. Incredible cream and I’ve only used it twice–it even has diamond powder in it–FANCY!