I Almost Forgot: I Did Start Using itcosmetics secret sauce again!

If I haven’t said it enough in the past, it cosmetics’ secret sauce was one of my favorite moisturizers mostly because its one of those day or night types it makes your skin glow and it smells fantastic. I put on too much today but I used it yesterday evening and today. When I don’t take good care of my skin, you can see it. In other words, make sure when you do take off your makeup use an oil or thick gel before the cleanser incase anything is left because it will jack up your pores. When I did the Clinique take the day off oil, the beste cleanser and followed it with the secret sauce cream my skin looked fantastic. I wasn’t even wearing any makeup yet my skin was looking the best it did in quite some time. Letting you ladies and gents know the now carry the travel size jar at the checkout at your local Sephora(locations may vary but I saw them they are about $19-22 if im not wrong tiny but worth a try) because I don’t have any makeup on I can just sleep any minute which is fantastic. I can’t stop raving when I talk about this cream esp because my skin is so reactive to products and dry. This cream covers both issues. I actually thought it was discontinued but no it is sold at Sephora for sure its where I bought my full size jar.

Review: it Cosmetics Secret Sauce

As you all know by now, one of my favorite brands put out this new anti aging moisturizer and I was in this long debate with people around me if I should just not sample it and purchase it or wait around…I waited and Sephora blessed me with a sample! Here are my thoughts:


-smells very light a very fresh scent if there is any left after it sinks in

-texture of this cream not too rich but also creamy once applied feels like a serum which is great for my dry/combo-most of the times sensitive skin

-within minutes skin is glowing

-no reactions to product

-skin looks even better following morning!



-the jar container definitely a minus for me-if it comes in a tube like their cleanser i’d jump on board.


10/10 the pros outweigh the cons. Incredible cream and I’ve only used it twice–it even has diamond powder in it–FANCY!