Review: R+co Crown Scalp Scrub

Here’s my review on the product

Its not too gritty therefore not abrasive on my scalp

The description is somewhat confusing since no where on it does it say whether to wet your scalp first or not (I wet my scalp first)

The scent is not as potent as I hoped it be it was supposed to smell like the scent “relative paradise” which is by far my favorite of the R+co line(there is actually a scented mist out that is for multi use in case you didn’t know)

The walnut sized amount seemed too little but it was enough

I took a while to rinse out

Overall right now it looks like I put a texture shampoo into my hair not bad because my hair isn’t a dry mess it feels kinda smooth you do have to put conditioner on your ends but I always add a leave in and today I added a dimesize of b+b brilliantine for shine.

This product for me is a 8/10 I really love R+co products and this scrub is unique. I’ve never owned a scalp scrub and I certainly needed it today.