Review: Pixi beauty rose products

I broke out in two areas only on my left side of my face. Still wondering if it was a food ingredient or the one cream sample I used for 4-5 days…its still a mystery. I looked to see what was gentle, easy to purchase locally, and top quality for not a lot of money…and found out that pixi carries a line of rose products!

My choice out of all the rose products were: the rose cream cleanser($18), rose tonic(small size was $15) and last but not least the rose ceramide cream($24) all three items were incredible. My skin had become so sensitized but I still had to wear sunscreen and it was just awful the past 4 days or so. I was so blown away by how gentle and soothing the products were on my red/itchy skin. I’m not really into clay but there’s clay?kaolin in the cleanser and its still so gentle and easy to wash off the tonic smells like heaven and the ceramide cream was perfect. If I’m not wrong, the ceramide cream has yogurt in it? I highly recommend these 3 products and will probably use them for the next week or two straight until I see a full recovery of my skin. I may never purchase another toner either.