Review: rms beauty tinted “un” powder shade 3-4

as all rms beauty products this is very good and natural, the color pay off is nice, the powder is fine and easy to blend, skin does not feel dry when applied although I do advise you wearing moisturizer before and misting after applying powder–no scents to the product the color works great because I use a lighter shaded mineral spf powder underneath(ILIA) This product is great as a final step.

RMS Beauty Signature Set Mod Collection

I had seen the set a while back and I knew from the moment I saw the two choices that my preference was the mod collection. I finally bought it and I am so glad I did. It is incredible. If someone as dry and sensitive as me needs a pick me up and doesn’t want to clutter her makeup bag the signature set is “the item”

So heres what I know is in there (all in smaller size than the original put into a flat palette) the living luminizer, master mixer, the skin and lip balm I think that’s what that’s called in cocoa and possibly a nice coral orange lip to cheek item…that’s the one I wanted to try all this time! Taking it with me on travel for sure!