Review: It’s a 10-miracle moisture shampoo

I’ve owned the shampoo for some time now but I never really gave it enough use to see whether it was great or not. Here are my thoughts:

-it smells good its fresh and almost citrus-y

-it doesn’t lather because its sulfate free but its not too thick

-it rinses out nice

-works really well with other brands I mix and match it with

Here’s one thing I know for a fact about moisturizing shampoos now, don’t use a lot. Its moisturizing for a reason so don’t overdo it. I’ve been there and done that. Even with this shampoo I’ll use a dime size at a time.

So if I were to rate it its a 9/10. Its almost perfect. Its not the Alterna caviar moisture shampoo but its close and less pricey. Love the pump it comes in too.