Products I Absolutely Adore.

I was in a funk for what seemed like forever but great products always cheer me up. I am a big fan of the sister channel of QVC is it beauty iQ i anyway long story short, I ended up purchasing two things after seeing different episodes.

The first item I bought was the Philosophy purity made simple cleansing cloths. I always loved the cleanser so I thought it sounds great. Every time I wipe my face with it I feel clean. I dont know if its really taking off everything but dont generally expect to get everything off with a wipe. I think its really just taking off what you can without being abrassive on your skin and then getting your zzzs that matter. The scent is clean and wonderful just like the cleanser and overall its no Koh Gen Do but its very good. I would repurchase! I’d rate this one an 8.5/10 It lost a wee bit of points because it could seem more wet but maybe its made less moist to be more exfoliating who knows.

Now onto the Peter Thomas Roth firmx peeling gel exfoliant-no scent to it really maybe a natural fruit like scent nothing that stands out its not grittier like most exfoliators very velvetty when it comes out smooths on nice and let me tell you the instant gratification I felt when my old skin was resurfacing without the burn…so great. I like to use it in a circular motion and repeat for 30 seconds then leave it on for 1-2 minutes and rinse it off. If I was to rate this product I’d give it 10/10. Its so gentle but effective. Huge tube so this will be my main cold season exfoliator.