Advice That Works(At least for me)…

I always have issues with my now less bouncy hair so I spend more money in wavy/curl products. my go-to being the green line from Oribe I have not tried the intense version of the conditioner but so far I own and use the conditioner and the masque(which are so worth the money) and this cool new one which I will review soon. What I like to do since I took this time to revive/bring back my hair with such nice product I never comb it out I towel dry it then I dab on a rich leave in and my favorite is the one gifted to me/a sample from Philip b. It always keeps my hair the way I want it more moist, waves more natural looking and bouncy. For the first time in 10 years it is on the longer side. I joked I was going for the Maggie Rogers length but that may be hard to maintain.


I wasn’t sure if I wrote about this product in the past so I thought why not?

as all or most PHILIP B. products its definitely worth the splurge. his line always wonderful if ya ask me.

here are some of what I know of the product(I also tried it and I love it)

-its color and keratin treatment safe

contains: passion fruit, lemon, chamomile (oohlala~)

the scent is sooo good. If anyone remembers the super rich conditioner and the shampoo from Bumble and bumble. the scent a dupe really! It smells so nice.

I don’t think the product is heavy either so this .05 sample given to me is really awesome.