Review: r+co park avenue blow out balm

You know your hair is dry/tangly when you decide after years that it’s time to blow dry your hair to make it look less damaged. There’s one person I envy when it comes to smooth hair and it’s Meghan Markle. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to chop off anything so for a couple days I went ahead and used my sample of the r+co park avenue. Here are my thoughts:

  • scent reminded me of peanut oil? why don’t ask but I like peanut oil and butter so not a problem for me. maybe my sample was old who knows lol
  • its creamy and easy to dab on I overdid it I’d recommend you put on a little bit and mostly on the ends
  • dried my hair quicker and it was smoother looking but because my hair is so badly damaged it was still tangly but looked much more appealing
  • I enjoyed the product. my hair was beyond repair and I cut off about 6 inches
  • I’d rate this product a 8.5/10 I do recommend it. What I love about r+co is that they offer travel sized products for those of us who want less commitment or take things on travel! I’d even gift this because it seems everyone except for 2 of my friends blow out their hair.