Review: Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

This was gifted to me by my favorite store(yes although I was upset and we had a not so great back and forth due to confusion I am STILL one of their #1 fans since about 10 years ago so…I’ll be back just not right now..but anyway thank you for this wonderful sample)

I used this deluxe sized dry shampoo which is a spray type and not necessarily my choice because I like powders when it comes to dry shampoo but I never say never now…here are my thoughts

smells like signature Oribe stuff(elegant/universally flattering)

absorbs oil once it is massaged in/takes some time to work into not a quick process

great product and my hair fluffled up some. would I purchase it? YES. Might be the only high brand spray type I’d be willing to get…I recommend it if you already love Oribe products.

Review: Oribe priming lotion leave-in conditioning detangler & moisture and control treatment masque

Hi there. I swore off purchasing Oribe products a while back due to their high prices but…when things get bad their conditioners and leave-in products…all of it come to the rescue and the money seems like a small price for me because my hair is once again in terrible condition most of it most likely due to my terrible choice of quick and poor diet that I’ve carried on for a month or two now(I will be staying off quick meals again but sometimes preparing meals can get exhausting).  Back to Oribe products….I was always a big fan of their shampoo + conditioner for beautiful color but what I really love right now is their conditioner for brilliance and shine and ofcourse all the moisture & control products. I won’t purchase their moisture& control shampoo because I go through shampoo way more than I do conditioners(went through their shampoo probably within a month or 3 weeks because I wish my hair every other day sometimes daily) …that being said, here are my thoughts on each of the products I’m reviewing starting with the priming lotion leave-in conditioning detangler:

the priming lotion leave-in conditioning detangler is good in so many ways. The bottle is similar to their shampoo bottles and shockingly I think for something Oribe makes its really reasonable the product is full to the top(made me feel lucky haha)and you probably need less than I would use but on the instructions it says to put it from roots to ends so if you want you can build up the product so maybe little at a time so you don’t overdo it. I like to use about a quarter sized amount. I was very impressed by how my hair was instantly revived less dry and frizzy and yes, tangles were tamed. The fact that my hair wasn’t as dry and tangly was the best part. $38 for 8.4 oz? I wont need to repurchase for a while but I recommend it for those people with similar issues and wavy to super curly hair!

Oribe moisture & control deep treatment masque:

huge jar for $63 which ofcourse might be a tough price to pay but I can tell you as hesitant as I was to pay for this magical jar it was worth it. Honestly I haven’t purchased any Oribe products and regretted it. All of their stuff is nourishing or does exactly what it says it will do.  This product is no different it moisturizes brings back the oomph I was missing-the frizz is less obvious. The instructions are to leave it on 10 minutes which is on the longer side but was well worth it. between this and the priming lotion leave-in detangler my hair is smooth, bouncy, not a tangly mess…and I only needed to use a little. By far the least amount of masque I’ve used from any brand actually. Its very creamy smells just like their cleasing crème a bit minty but very elegant. I’m thinking about trying the two together sometime.  Rating both items with a 10/10. Little goes a long way. Perfect for hot, humid weather I’m currently experiencing helps a lot with the color I have in my hair too. Thanks to these products I won’t have to chop off my hair for some time! YAY ORIBE.



Empties: April 2019

  • Drunk Elephant umbra tinte
  • Clinique take the day off cleansing balm .5oz(yes I got as many as I could while it was offered as a Sephora point perk and the last jar is officially empty…)
  • Bioderma sensibio H20 500ml
  • Ren Moroccan rose otto body wash 1.7oz
  • Dermalogica precleanse balm full size
  • Lucas Papaw ointment 15g
  • Burt’s bees cleansing oil
  • Oribe repair + restore shampoo 1.7oz
  • Diptyque centifolia candle travel size
  • Byredo burning rose travel size

sampled: Leonor Greyl au miel shampoo, LG crème moelle de bamboo, LG crème regeneratrice, Bumble and bumble. curl butter masque, Christophe Robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt,

Empties: June 2018

-Burt’s bees cleansing oil

-Bumble and bumble. scalp detox

-Bumble and bumble. hairdresser’s invisible oil conditioner

-eradiKate daily foaming cleanser-1oz

-Jurlique rose moisture plus moisturizing cream

-ouai hair oil

-Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water wipes

-Suntegrity 5-in-1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen “light”

-Neutrogena body clear body wash pink grapefruit.

-Aveeno stress relief body wash


sampled: oribe cote d’Azur replenishing body wash, pai echium +argan gentle eye cream, Giorgio Armani ecstasy balm “soft nude”, MAC cleanse off oil, it cosmetics secret sauce, it cosmetics confidence in a cream

Review: Oribe straight away smoothing blowout cream

Now normally I’m all about the salt sprays or just slapping on some John Masters Organics but the last 2,3 months have been hard on my hair and I can’t go without products that say split end mender or smoothing. I changed my products around and I’m back to using all things repair, detangling, split end mending and or smoothing.

Not long ago, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase this Oribe straight away smoothing blowout cream and as much as I’m not a big blow dry- kinda gal, I was like sounds like something I need. I’ve been more careful about buying what I need and will use soon instead of the lets add more to my backstock. I was so glad I bought it because my straw-like dry hair seems revived, its silky smooth! The elegant oribe scent isn’t bad either. I could be in line and a stranger will say things to me like “what perfume is that its beautiful” I go “its actually my haircare” I always have to sit and think forever when I invest in certain brands because of the price but Oribe hasn’t let me down once. Would I buy another tube in the future? YES!

5fl oz for $44 but I do see some places might charge you $46. I’m going to rate this a 9.5/10 the .5 I took off for the price.

July 2017 Empties

Kikumasamune uruoi nihonshyu- face mask(so here’s the thing I was all in on the k beauty masks until I realized how much I was forking out on individual ones some were 3.50 others higher then I get to a drugstore in Japan and come across resealable 7 sheet ones for under 600-700yen which is an equivalent to 6-7bucks in us dollars I immediately bought a pack of the pink Lululun(for sensitive or dry skin)and ofcourse this Kikumasumene uruoi(which means moisturizing its the pink package and its made with Japanese sake yes…similar to a famous international brand I wont say but its a fraction of the price and very soothing on my skin!)

Neutrogena extra gentle eye makeup remover pads

Neutrogena cleansing towelettes hydrating

Stila stay all day 10 in 1 HD illuminating beauty balm spf30

Oribe conditioner for brilliance and shine(I use a lot of conditioner its crazy)

MAC Fix+

Dr Bronner’s lavender castile soap (a multitasker you can use to clean makeup brushes, your hands when you need a quick wash, an excellent body wash)

Oribe supershine moisturizing cream 1.7oz (I found out there is a light version and the version I use which is for thicker hair)

Evian facial spray 1.7oz

Lanolips all over golden dry skin salve(smells like caramel meets vanilla very rich in texture and works for everything)

samples I used: dermalogica skin smoothing cream, Leonor Greyl masque fleurs de jasmine (not bad but I think I prefer Rahua for this kind of price i’d say try Rahua’s omega 9 one unless you love the scent of jasmine because I sure do!)



Favorite Hair Products

I don’t know about everyone else but the winter was harsh on my hair. Not only was my hair dry it tangled and it lacked shine. I tried all sorts of products and realizing there were two items that worked perfect together.

What I started using for a month or so is the Rita Hazan triple threat split end remedy then I squeeze a nickel size of the oribe supershine moisturizing cream for shine. Not only does my hair smell like heaven I can airdry or blow dry with no hassle. Had I known the oribe cream was so good I would’ve bought 2 tubes! The great thing I found out was that the lighter version is an option for thinner hair and the supershine moisturizing the one I use is for thick coarse wavy/curly hair and some places carry the travel 1.7 oz size! Worth a try!