Happy Place.

Finally got all the crap from under my bed all removed. I haven’t had nothing under my bed since my late teen years because I used to love putting magazines and crossword puzzles there. All it did was accumulate dust which I also cleaned up. I’m on day 3 of working out and my body is up to the challenge and I haven’t felt this good physically in some time. I’ve felt healthier but not pumped up like I do right now. The only thing that’s making me feel like I’m in the dumps is my hair. I came across the article Hallie Gould wrote on Byrdie.com and was so impressed. Thank you for that amazing article. I just started eating walnuts and eggs myself–more protein, amino acids and collagen–fantastic. I’m on that tonight. I really don’t want to cut my hair short at this point. I feel like that’s in the future for me. I was also stoked to find out that the new updated version of the Sunday Riley ceramic slip is out. Yes–I know I previously probably shared here that I did not care for it but my skin needs to step up its game and nothing works like the Sunday Riley ceramic slip+good genes combo.