Review: Olio E Osso “No.6”

I debated for some time as to which color I’d purchase when it came to the more portable twist type offered(I own the large jar and love it) I ended up with no.6 because I love all things with a bronze tint. Here are my thoughts:

  • smells like citrus
  • feels lightweight but still moisturizing I wouldn’t use it as a lip balm because its not as moisturizing as a lip balm I feel like I need something heavier
  • two swipes and I do see some color
  • tiny for the price but great ingredients: shea oil, organic olive oil, beeswax, grapefruit essential oil, mica

my verdict overall I would gift this to someone because of how natural it is. I never forgot how wonderful the customer service was for the brand when I spoke with them a couple years ago. They craft their stuff in Portland, Oregon and its super cute.  The outside box is also a work of art.