Great Way to End August.

August has been pretty decent. An old friend, my best friend from the early 90s is back. The one I joked about who knows modern lingo. I’m terrible with new words and slangs. I love her filling me in she cracks me up while she does it. We ended up on chat for 5 or 6 hours which really isn’t my cup of tea but it was so fun I lost track of time. Great to hear how happy she is because she is a wonderful person through and through. We’ve been talking on a daily and its been so much fun.

I’ve kinda stepped up my eating better and taking better care of myself but really cutting back more, adding more good stuff. At one point I was too lazy to prepare my food like I used to and it showed. My skin was breaking out sometimes I would get allergic reactions from food dye or preservatives or whatever is in quick food but sometimes it tastes good and you’re like screw it–bad idea. I’m not a fan of the term you are what you eat but you could eat the best you can. I started stocking up on yogurt, nuts, tofu, and eggs…and believe it or not oil free banana chips! New to my daily rituals adding fish oil gummies and the OGX brand vitamin e shampoo(which is really,really good so I’m getting more before they discontinue it you just never know)I think I might even purchase the conditioner…!

Is everyone else prepared for the Sephora VIB sale–Im keeping my fingers crossed I get my hands on at least 3 items I have on my mind. I’m going in to the store serious mode-reading glass in tow. My family was like why so serious I was like “I have a budget and I’m going in only once I have no reason to keep going back.” More on that visit soon–and empties!