Looks Like Everyone Loves Muji!

It was about a year and a couple months ago I left for Japan and the first thing I had on my mind was stopping by a Muji and a shoe store. Once I got to Muji, it was like someone had sent me to heaven it was so amazing. I don’t know if I even wrote about it in my post yet and it took an Emily Ferber writing about it for me to go “I forgot to write about Muji.” So what happened was after really going to every aisle/section there was I was like I know what I’m getting and this is what I got.

-a clear zippable makeup bag flat but not too flat

-travel sized band aids in a hip clear sealable thingy

-lip gloss and blush

-metallic hair ties that came in 3

Now if there was a way for me to order and ship the furniture I saw I would’ve. I ended up buying friends makeup there too. I really love that clear makeup bag I bought and I would definitely go there once I visit again. My cousin and I were seriously eyeing the skincare and now after reading Emily’s glossier article I’m tempted to get someone to get that for me if I don’t go back soon.haha.┬áTo end this great topic, I read that was it Singapore or Hong Kong or somewhere hip like that they are opening a hotel that uses all or most Muji items I’m guessing it’s bedding, toiletries things like that I was very intrigued by the thought of that. I always joke that if the toiletries at a hotel are good I would be willing to fork out the $ because it means the hotel may carry that brand on one of the floors/or have a spa in their hotel that uses it either way I’m “in”