Review: Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water Cleansing Water

I really love what Dr. Jart+ is doing with their packaging right now its simple and elegant and I love having them on my sink area/shelves. I had been debating whether to repurchase my usual(that’s the red Bioderma) but saw this while at the Sephora store and was like you know what, why not. It’s $42 so its not cheap by any standards but I’ve generally been very lucky with my this brand. There is 8.45 oz of product, it smells fresh like bergamot or like lemon, makeup comes off smooth and skin looks glowing after use. I mean it was like my skin was “dewy” in a way and I really loved that about the product. No tightening or reactions so Im pretty happy with it. If I rated this I’d give it an 8.5 because I do think it should be priced around $34 because $42 for cleansing water is steep even for me. My friend even joked if it doesn’t “work out” I can gift it to her used. I was like “girl for $42 I have to finish this.” Great product though. The way your skin glows after one use, makes me feel like a goddess. What better way to end the night?