So Far, So Good.

September’s just begun and I am loving it. The weather here is chilly, mostly rainy on and off but I love days where I can be lazy about my skincare. We had a thunderstorm yesterday but I made it home in time to avoid the hardcore stuff. I’m back to working out and I’m in the middle of this dvd I just bought and I’m hoping the ending is well worth it. If it isn’t I’ll bring my JBL speakers with me. My goodness I love that portable speaker. Its waterproof, the sound is so good and easy to place anywhere.

Yesterday I was pleased to see Jean Godfrey June on intothegloss. I read some of the comments there and I was like you should go green where you can and mix and match in other areas. I think being scared of sulfates can be dangerous because are you going to just start throwing out your items when you find it in there? I like a mixture of green and nongreen products. I was very interested in the vintner’s daughters serum because I own it and have never really used it consistently. Its been too sunny or i’d been wearing too much vitamin c products and I didn’t have the right sunscreen or whatever but this weather is perfect for me to use it on the daily. I also own the blue cocoon. I love that blue cocoon balm. I’m getting ready to buy some hardcore sunscreen so it looks like perfect timing. On another note has anyone realized how aggressive some of these delivery company workers are? Smashing packages deliberately like they have anger issues? What happened to being happy you were employed and pride in your job? I was horrified seeing my last shipment I laughed a little. I look forward to writing about new products I bought this month!

May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

It’s been in the 50s and 60s in our area and that shocking weather change has dried my skin out more than ever. I started using the arcona white tea cleanser again because it feels so soothing on my skin and I’m probably going to ease up on the facial scrubs for the next few days. Last night I finally broke out my holy grail balm the May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon. I got as a Christmas gift and I’ve been using it only when my skin has ridiculous freak outs but generally when its so dry it feels and tight. Here’s why I love the blue cocoon balm-it smells like heaven(someone has asked me what beautiful scent I’m wearing and I laughed and said its actually my skincare)the calming beautiful blue color, and how quick the tightness goes away as I massage the balm onto my face. It starts as this thick balmy thing and it melts onto your hands and skin like magic. I’m probably going to use it tonight and tomorrow. I like using it at night. Whatever skin irritation I had seems to have gone away too. Thank goodness! There is a reason why people talk so highly of the balm its amazing wished it cost less but I only use it for emergencies.