The Body Shop & L’Occitane Fever!

My skin is really dry right now. Unfortunately when they took my goe oil, I had no choice but to buy things that are just as natural and work good(someone scored me a tiny bottle of aveeno haha so yay to that) Anyway…here’s what I bought at each location/store:


Delicious Multi-Balm #010 Brilliant Mandarin: packaging very simple and elegant very similar to the glass jar that ByTerry puts their rose balm in. Its glass. Its on the heavier side 0.28 ounces I paid more because I’m in Japan but I was really intrigued by the color and how it was a multi tasking item and ofcourse has “honey” in it which is perfect for people like me with skin sensitivity and dryness. There is a very elegant scent almost like a champagne or something really classy. It looks yellowish gold but is more clear when applied. If you’re looking to get the full yellow gold color that is not going to happen. I’m still happy with my purchase. I will be using this mainly on my eyelids. I’d rate this a 10/10 ingredients are fabulous, the jar is simple and elegant and I love the shimmer/multi tasking idea.

Arlesienne Beauty Milk: If you want to smell like roses and soap? Then this is the product line for you. Its a scented lotion that I like to slather on my skin right before I go to bed because I smell so fresh and clean. I paid 3900yen but it is sold for less in the US. The best part? It’s huge and a little goes a looong way. 8.4oz of happiness. 10/10!

TERRE DE LUMIERE L’EAU Radiant Balm for hands & body: smells fresh I think the scent is almost a unisex like scent it comes in the standard hand cream tube. I don’t see any illuminating so its bumming but I do like the way it smells and its shockingly for your body too even thou/ght its in the hand cream tube. So-its convenient if you travel you can take a tube of this. 8/10

Last but not least from this brand, the repairing shampoo,conditioner+oil: smells real natural, botanical and works good. My hair is rather soft and sad now and it helps it plumps it and my natural waves come back to life! I would’ve preferred a more light scent but because my hair looks so nice after I use the products its a minor complaint. 10/10 travel set was a win-win for me.


Mango exfoliating sugar body scrub: Very gentle but lots of exfoliating sugar/breads smells very light but beautiful works wonders leaves skin mildly moisturized. Very pleased with my huge jar(yes they only carried the big jar where I went)that I know I will finish using with about 2 months. Its a delight. 10/10. Wished I bought their body scrub sooner. Funny I intended to purchase the olive oil or argan oil one but I do love the mango scent and it was my first line I ever bought from the brand. 2530yen

Mango body butter: never gets old I miss the old jar and design because it was more bohemian and badass but it is simple. I miss the yellow-orange jar that I knew in the early 2000s-like mid 2000s. GOD IM OLD. Started using the mango butter body because my German friend introduced me to it. She was a big nature-loving no toxic bs woman. She was like you see how dry I am? This is a life saver! Try some now! It was like 2000yen back in the day which was sooo expensive but so worth it and it to this day is still worth it but I never finish products and if there’s smaller options I get those now. I believe I paid 800yen=equivalent to….like 6-7bucks? smells mild and lovely.

Born Lippy Strawberry lip balm: simple, smells like strawberry bubblegum has a red-pink tint and instantly moisturizes. I believe this one was 600+yen? I love the way it smells. They also sell raspberry which doesn’t smell as yummy but if you’re into lighter scents raspberry is recommended. 10/10 adorable jar easy access. repurchase very possible once I run out since finding the mint rush fresh lip balm is way too hard here.

Drops of Gold Lustre Finish Creator for face, eyes, lips: this was like 2,500yen or something close to that. I bought this last minute on impulse the color is very pretty its a light bronze like shade universally flattering The jar comes with a twist lid that locks to one side, opens to another. Once I put some on the palms of my hands I went “I need a bottle” and bought one. I was always a fan of the body shops luminizer series. The first one that came out when I was a teenager was a recommendation from a friend who looked like a goddess one day. I was like “wait why are you beaming and super pretty right now” to which she responded with a “body shop luminizer I’ll take you there later today” I bought like 2 tubes at once. Never looked back and like you probably noticed their items cost a lot in Japan(cause I attended school there) but I was always pleased with their stuff and my top 3 items from the body shop was always the mango body butter, their luminizer(back in the day I loved this not quite bronze version and the packaging was really badass)and the lip balm. They used to carry a starfruit version too. I was like starfruit what is that. Their vitamin C range was to die for and so was the cocoa butter lip chapstick. Ooh and their cranberry line….sorry I can’t forget that one. Ah and the limited edition lipbalms…like shimmering vanilla mint or chocolate orange lip balm. I light up about products. That’s probably why I blog about them, huh?