Mint Shampoo Debate

I love all things “mint” I don’t know if its the soothing scent the way it feels on my skin and hair but I love it. I can’t say enough about mint. I had a friend who used to grow mint in her yard it was so cool. I was like “wait am I smelling mint” and she’s like “yes” I was like say no more bent down to smell it closer.

Sorry about sidetracking this post but I love mint shampoo. So far I’ve used two brands. The OGX one and the Malin+Goetz brand and ofcourse I love both and I love how it feels on my scalp. I like to use it as a once a week treatment because at one point I was told the dandruff came back because my scalp was dry and the shampoo was too highly fragrant. I was using a nice brand but I decided to put that one away for summer and purchase a mint shampoo because mint has always done wonders for my scalp in the colder months. I used to own both the shampoo and the conditioner of the OGX brand but when I ran out of everything I had I didn’t really replace it because I was hoarding other hair products. I always loved how good the brand would make my hair look and feel. Then I tried the Malin+Goetz brand and I was like ooh its so– good it feels good on my scalp then I saw the pricetag and was like is there other cheaper brands that can substitute for it? Then I thought about the OGX one and immediately bought a bottle.  My old boss used to say “its the poor man’s _____” for things she’d substitute and in my case my OGX mint is the average woman/man’s mint shampoo. The best part about the shampoo is it has tea tree in it if I’m not wrong. It smells like heaven(if you like mint, you’ll love it) That’s a definite win-win for me.


October 2017 Empties.

Yarok feed your moisture masque

Malin +Goetz vitamin e shaving cream

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream-unscented

Neutrogena body clear body wash(I buy 2 versions its so good)

samples of: Kiehls creamy eye treatment with avocado, Malin+Goetz moisturizing shampoo, L’occitane immortelle essential water, Oribe shampoo+ conditioner for brilliance and shine


Changing Up Products.

In the past month or so, I had realized I was spending way too much money on makeup removers. I had to actually order things to get them so I figured not only will I save more money, I can save time. So one afternoon I bought like 4 different ones I hadn’t tried. I needed something that wiped off most of my sunscreen….and my favorite was: Neutrogena.

I actually bought both the scented and the unscented. I prefer original scented one. The scent is so good don’t know what it is…just so pretty and I don’t even like scented skincare that much. You get 25 wipes for under $5. I like to get mine at Target or Walmart they give you best prices.

Last but not least all things eucalyptus! I am currently obsessed with the Malin+Goetz deodorant. I try my best to steer far away from deodorants with aluminum in it but they always worked the best….but I tried to look for natural deodorants without…charcoal I think something about it makes my skin burn)and after about 4 trials and errors, I found the M+G deodorant. It smells like the blue Halls cough drop in a good way light, clean. I only use it once in the morning after I shower and I don’t ever have to reapply its so easy and wonderful.