Brand Spotlight: Mad Hippie

Where to start on this brand? The products are made in Portland, Oregon I believe(will check back on that just in case) and as far as I know Portland is like the capital of great organic products and Mad Hippie is amazing. I bought the face cream not suprisingĀ it was the last one there. The bottle is adorable its a pump type moisturizer and smells like a dream. To me, it smells like passionfruit or something exotic and yummy its not coconut-y just more fruit like in a good way. The ingredients are fantastic some of the ingredients include argan oil, white tea, vitamin e, peptides. I probably paid $25 or less and there’s an ounce and one full pump was too much product. You gotta be careful with how much you get out because its really moisturizing and you don’t need a whole lot and I have dry skin! No reaction and smooth skin…so…its a winner for me. Glad I gambled on this one.