Today’s Thoughts.

I have nothing to read, no television and live solely online its how I communicate with my family and friends. Its hard because I currently don’t have a home phone either. It’s something I’m working on right now. The debate really is which model I’ll get. I never thought i’d say this but I’m probably getting an iPhone mostly because I do all my music through apple. Somedays I really miss my MacBook. What a great laptop that was. So easy to use-no automatic right clicks into things…the way it looked…I’m getting ready to purchase some cool decals to decorate this laptop I was gifted. We’ll see how that goes..Etsy is incredible with the selection of decals, I tell ya!!

The weather is great its overcast-its in the 60s. low-sun/rainy day weather makeup which is a mist or two of MAC prep+ with a mixture of Charlotte Tilbury’s wonderglow and the Chantecaille just skin in “golden” underneath everything is a thin layer of dr. Jart’s teatreemint moisturizer which is lightweight but perfect. I quit using Koh Gen Do’s moisture foundation because I loved it for being more rich and the Just Skin is much richer and more my style so I will continue to purchase it because the color is great and I don’t have to reapply as much or feel dry. Downside is the price!!

I ran out of the L’ombre roll on perfume oil so I purchased the large bottle of EDT even though normally I get the perfume spray the EDT was actually really great  when I purchased the smaller one last year this year’s limited edition is really cute the sides have like this pink thick enamel design. its lovely. it smells pretty potent too just the way I want. To finish off this post, I am so happy with my repurchase of the green jar of Oribe masque. I can’t remember the name its the newer addition for the unruly hair that’s frizzy/curly ya know? well I use it once a week and today my hair looks fantastic. The great thing even the masque is like $63 I believe…you need so little to saturate your hair its kinda worth it if you’re hair is in baaad shape like mine. I didn’t even do a final step because this product is so great. I’m running out of my Korean Ryo conditioner so I was like oh fine, I will get a tube of Oribe green. I’m still on the fence about the intense moisture version over the original because the original moisture & control already works but really for 3 more dollars is much better? someone tell me!

Mother’s Day: She Actually Asked for Something.

I think it was about a week ago my mom says to my dad and I “I want the perfume she wears I ran out of my sample and I ran out of her roll on version.”I was like “L’ombre Dans L’eau?” she’s like “whatever the fancy name is.” I didn’t have to scramble to find “tiny things” she likes. Its actually hard finding things she likes she’ll go HMM, meh..or ooh its like a gamble.

My dad goes “whatever it is you used jot it down so we can get those for your mother.”  The moment the items arrived she tore the wrapper open this was early in the week…she  stared at the two items like she was a kid. It was one of the better Mother’s day for her being that she just had that long and horrible hospital stay. She absolutely hated the hospital stay infact she had choice words for one nurse in particular infact she cried when she got back from the stay because she said the nurse was just so mean to her. She was like everyone else was so nice. My mom goes “that woman should choose another profession because she clearly hated her job and chose which patients to mistreat and she even talked about your father where I could hear them(apparently another one that was mean to her while she did paperwork joined in to gossip about her) it was disgusting.” “She had no idea I understood and spoke English.” So she just cried for a good day or so and the dog never left her sight it was really sweet.

Yesterday  I was like aren’t you glad you came home–you can now see the show you wanted to watch and you got the perfume you wanted? She was like “yes!” So I’d like to thank Diptyque for the beautiful perfume we both use now-our house smells incredible and she even sprays it on her wrist at night because she says she sleeps better with it on. She even jokes that I can borrow her perfume and I go “I already own it” she’s like “oh yeah..ok” Seeing her happy made this mother’s day the best one so far.