Review: Stila Lingerie Souffle Skin Perfecting Primer “sun-kissed”

New to my bronzer collection is this primer. Here’s some of my thought/info on the product:

  • comes in a heavy glass jar (the jar is clear and the lid is a very pretty rose gold screw on-type lid and it will actually click when closed)
  • Less than a dime-size amount gets the job done(that’s just me so opinions and preferences may vary)I mix it with a much lighter cc cream I got on accident.
  • Although product is liquid and starts off like a cream I think the finish is almost powder like
  • I feel like it makes me look less like a zombie on bad days!
  • no breakouts/reactions
  • 1oz=$36

I’d rate this product a 9/10 I worry about dropping the jar and put it leaning on a corner of the bathroom sink.