Back to Business

Today I went back to my full schedule of working out and cleaning.  Thanks to that I missed my daily noon news but ah who cares. The first 3-5 minutes of working out was tough but after about 13 I was really feeling it. I got to put in my 40 minutes and I feel good. Been eating pretty clean and I’ve been throwing things out daily. My family was like “you’re throwing that out too” about every 2 items I’d toss and I was like “you gotta do it at some point.” Some of the items only of mild sentimental value too. I’ve decided to keep photos of friends and family and throw out my fashion clippings I’ve kept. I probably kept them to find cheaper versions of what they wore but my taste has changed through the years. So has my body. I’m hoping I can get 1hour to 2 hours of total workout time in per day–I feel inspired right now.

Heat Wave~Some Like it Hot.

Wow it is hot out. I was tuning into the weather but-this is crazy heat. Its August heat in mid June mixed with humidity. Im guessing it was 90-92 degrees out because when I was out I felt my face burn meanwhile the dog is oblivious to reality. She’s like hold on Im still sniffin’. This previous week was quite stressful and this weekend’s heat kinda puts me in a funk. Meanwhile the cool neighbor is just chilling out on his one wheeled bike a unicycle is that what you call it? My dad’s like that guy is so cool. I was like I know right one minute he’s outside reading, plays the piano, now he rides a unicycle. He occasionally drives slow by me while he tries to read my mind…and I like it except when he flashes his lights in my face after 10pm when I took all my makeup off.

I applaud him for enjoying this heat and being able to not blast the house with any a/c. My dad and I were debating about what we can’t live without. I can’t live without the a/c. I CAN however live without a phone, i can live without a car(20 years in japan and walking 40 minutes to an hour from a train station closest to the military base has made me one of those as long as i have comfy shoes kinda gal) You remember that story about Brian I met in high school. He tells me “if you cant catch the base bus you can ride the train” and he teaches me how much the ticket is which one to hop on but the catch was it was 40 minutes of walking from there that was tough and first but…I gotta admit walking that 40 minutes on a real hot day had me going where is my a/c. I got spoiled living on a military base for so long having access to a/c and water. My dad was like you know if we air conditioned the whole house for a month really cold-we’d probably pay $500 easy. I was like “turn it down NOW” so we try to stick with 75-76. Anything is better than 92-96 right now.


15 Pounds Lighter!

I hadn’t checked my weight in about 4-6 months. I was tired of seeing the same weight show up I hadn’t lost much since 2012 it was stalling mostly because I was still eating bad things here and there. The past 3 weeks or so I added more things that are good for me. Some days the healthier options were not so appealing to my taste buds but, it worked. I’ve also been walking out with the dog more and walking up and down flights of stairs. I was so shocked by the scale I got off and got back on!

I had hormonal problems for decades that is gone-I don’t even get hormonal acne even though I am overweight. I gave up the lattes I thought were impossible I don’t even think about sugary drinks anymore.

In about 5 more months I’ll have another news to share…excited.

Near Death Experiences=New Mindset.

I was very excited to see Annee de Mamiel on intothegloss today! I love her products and up until a couple years ago I bought them religiously I quit because you could only get them at certain stores and I don’t use a lot of items in glass bottles because I’m clumsy and I drop them. Her travel oil was great, her facial oils are great but I especially loved the body serum so if you thought about lets just say people were asking me what perfume it was I was wearing and that it was beautiful.

After hearing about her cancer and her fight it brought me back to my near death experience which was during late November of 2011 and early February 2012. What happens is my father gets pneumonia a real bad case of it. We live in the same house I end up with pneumonia in November 2011. It got so bad I could no longer stand on my feet or breathe my life was about being in a bed all but like twice a day when i’d get up and fix myself a bowl of soup then head back to sleep..that’s if I got any. Then I got an immune problem as a result and I break out in a fever in early 2012 that went on for 2 weeks and I have people send me to urgent care where I’m told by the doctor that he’d never seen something so bad and severe and was surprised I lived through everything. I was so depressed I thought about how I could just give up on my own but I thought that wasn’t fair to the people that can’t choose to live so I fought very hard and the worst pain wasn’t the lung issue it was my lymph nodes that flared up the one between my ear and jawline..oh it was bad the throbbing pain from that alone. One day I finally felt this calmness and urge to sleep so when I  turn my back and the dog growls and barks only at me and I sensed it was “my time to go” and shockingly I was ok with it because I was so tired…I think animals have that power and they see things we don’t and I remember my mom going “what happened” and me going “I don’t know but I was real sleepy.” My mom was like “I think you were going to die and that your dog sensed it because our dog is so chill” What I did during my long sick days was set up a fan by my face, put my hair in a bun and hope I could sleep a couple hours. Being sick is horrible once I recovered I got sick one more time in March and I was like COME ON!


A Recap of The Weekend.

Great weekend. Officially decided on what to invest in and what color I will be dying my hair next(I’ll talk about that on my next post in depth)and did some catching up with my favorite people. Someone wrote me a positive comment(thank you for that I appreciate it) and I was thinking about what it was that people read about the most it is official: foundation and haircare. I am hoping by autumn I will upgrade my status here. I always wonder how that will work so we’ll just have to see. I really enjoy reading about products through other people too. Sometimes I’ll go back in time and think about the time I had the beauty subscriptions and miss it so I love when people post about products they tried/got through the subscription! I loved that Jaclyn Hill selected box I read on a magazine because she chose the Becca highlighter and the Oribe matte waves! I wanted that but I was like no-no-not now downsizing maybe a couple items in spring but until then…more downsizing.

p.s. I wanted to share how wonderful TJMAXX and Marshall’s selections have become. They carry some stuff I would’ve never imagined would be sold for discount. Save your money ladies and gents…

Happy New Years.

It felt like 2017 was a long and bad year for me but mostly because I chose to let the problems manifest. I had spent the last 2 days of the year just reflecting and realized I had to drag a situation I didnt need to for too long. While I did, I had thrown in people that clearly had nothing to do with it and said “ah you’re guilty by association” and I thought about my own past where I realized I needed to “let go” of certain disagreements/incidents because it isn’t healthy or good for anyone.

so my goals of 2018 is:

-checking out a cheesecake factory to eat at(could be anywhere I heard it was awesome)

-telling that guy who waves at me that I like him. a lot.

-looking for a small but decent job

-being less judgemental.

Im Having a Moment…

What a long week. I know it just started but I can’t even remember if its Monday or Tuesday right now. All I can say is I drank lots of coffee, my arthritis and psoraisis is back in full swing and I just dropped everything out of my purse. What a mess. The only good thing that came out of today was trying the living proof products. I love the light purple line. Is it repair or restore? Terrible memory issues right now.

I was eating terribly for the past 2 days or so and my skin broke out and I was like ugh. So Im kinda doing the switch products around thing. Im also trying to do as little sugar and starch diet to undo the damage. I was super excited reading the into the gloss article today.  Im still on the fence about some of the more organic hair care lines because they smell rather strong but Garrett Markenson products are really good. I love reading top shelf articles. On a sad note my attempt to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette was an epic fail. They sold out at the store I like to stop by because of all the discounts and black friday sales. I was so bummed. I only want the one palette so I was like Im not getting it shipped to me because I dont want a cracked palette and have to cry as I send it back to refund!

Its Thanksgiving-and I’m Thankful.

I must say I had an interesting late October and mid November. I can’t figure out how November is almost over but there were some bumps along the road. I had a very bad November and I had to sit down and remember all of the horrible things that happened then I thought to myself, why would I look back and get angry when Thanksgiving is around the corner? I have great friends, a mentor I email who responds with great advice(for free thanks Brandon)and my mother isn’t dying of cancer. What we thought was cancer was not cancer!

It was 2 years ago this month that I was almost homeless being tormented by the same person who always pretended to have the best interest in me yet would say horrible things in person or to other people about me. She would invite me to places while she would text away and smirk. It was very unhealthy and my father would be like “see the good in people” and I did. If I let this person hurt me for 18 years I tried, dad. So my dad and I were always people that never agreed on things but when I was stranded, homeless and he was the only one with computer access and the ability to book me a hotel he did. That is the kind of father I am blessed with. I couldn’t be upset I have a roof over my head and food on the table-and these awesome Ugg slippers I bought at Ross for less. So today I want to give thanks to everyone that has helped me and loved me though the thick and thin and for the readers that brighten my week! Happy Thanksgiving!


I washed with Juice beauty cleanser and I used a pumpkin enzyme mask and finished my look with Juice beauty cc cream. The cc cream makes my skin look so smooth and dewy that I don’t want to take it off.

Eating Better: Adding Soy and Selenium to the daily diet.

So I’m on day 4 of my “eat better” diet and I’ve lost a lot of face fat, and midsection fat, and even cleared my complexion while doing so. I quietly jotted down what a doctor was saying on a Japanese health show I watched many weekends ago. It took me some time to really sit down and commit to what he said. Here was his advice he said eat less junk food possibly minimal eat little meat because it takes longer to digest and process in your system and he basically went on to say eat foods that are fermented(kimchi, miso)eat soy or other veggies and eat mushrooms and yogurt. I had at one point given up yogurt and all dairy thanks to the celebrity buzz but I’ve always loved yogurt so I do mostly greek yogurt now because they do lower sugar ones!

I can slip right into my once too tight jeans! Buying healthier groceries never felt so easy and good!

So Far, So Good.

September’s just begun and I am loving it. The weather here is chilly, mostly rainy on and off but I love days where I can be lazy about my skincare. We had a thunderstorm yesterday but I made it home in time to avoid the hardcore stuff. I’m back to working out and I’m in the middle of this dvd I just bought and I’m hoping the ending is well worth it. If it isn’t I’ll bring my JBL speakers with me. My goodness I love that portable speaker. Its waterproof, the sound is so good and easy to place anywhere.

Yesterday I was pleased to see Jean Godfrey June on intothegloss. I read some of the comments there and I was like you should go green where you can and mix and match in other areas. I think being scared of sulfates can be dangerous because are you going to just start throwing out your items when you find it in there? I like a mixture of green and nongreen products. I was very interested in the vintner’s daughters serum because I own it and have never really used it consistently. Its been too sunny or i’d been wearing too much vitamin c products and I didn’t have the right sunscreen or whatever but this weather is perfect for me to use it on the daily. I also own the blue cocoon. I love that blue cocoon balm. I’m getting ready to buy some hardcore sunscreen so it looks like perfect timing. On another note has anyone realized how aggressive some of these delivery company workers are? Smashing packages deliberately like they have anger issues? What happened to being happy you were employed and pride in your job? I was horrified seeing my last shipment I laughed a little. I look forward to writing about new products I bought this month!