Its Wednesday but it feels like a Friday. My week started with a creeper ringing my doorbell at the wee hours of morning, then waiting for the call to get our house fixed up here and there and it is officially done! The man who came was a very nice man the reason I know is that my normally growl-at-strangers puppy was like “ooh I like him” no growl, not one bark just tail wagging. My mom goes “look at that she just loves him I knew he was a good guy.”

I know I’m in my 30s because I just love watching the diy shows. I get hooked on those tiny house shows where the houses are smaller but really nice. I ended up watching a marathon on one occasion and I was like a-mazing. I want one of those new thing porcelain sinks they have at modern homes in the smaller bathrooms you know? Its just so simple and elegant but my dad was like we’d have to change the pipings and blahblah so I was like nvm but oh man if I ever get rich..I’d get a small house maybe even smaller than the one I currently live in and add French doors and that sink somewhere and paint the rooms sage and ivory. housegoals!

I’m very nervous about September because that’s when I have to give up my favorite drinks and foods. I look forward to picking up a new hobby to keep my mind off the “good stuff” like the lattes and desserts. What to do what to do.

While I was Sleeping…

So I’m off the whole social media thing barely checking email I log in and everyone is pregnant or moving. What the heck. I need to get out more because I’m not finding opportunities of meeting people. The only guy I find remotely my type is the guy down the street.

I like the whole idea of being pregnant and being so far along not telling people and going YUP surpise! The only thing I’m worried about right now is how dry my hair and skin is. I can’t even really focus I still have to send in my applications too. I haven’t bought my tickets yet and its when I’m still behind that a random friend emails me to ask me what I did this summer. For once I was like dental work. I have to head back to the dentist at the end of the month but aside from that I’m an open book.

I thought about the 120 or 150 degree heat in California and I was like I’m not going to complain because things could be worse. I don’t know how I make it in the 90s.

I did discover the Neutrogena hydrating wipes and now its all i’ll need makeup remover wise. My days of lusting for Koh Gen Do wipes are long gone. The original Neutrogena wipes were good but these hydrating ones are amazing on my dry skin.

What to Pack When Traveling.

So its almost that time when I decide where to travel and my heart is set on the west coast. I always pack too much. I packed very little on my overseas trip yet I packed everything on my island getaway. Very unnecessary and I realized I had over the pack limit yet the nice guy was like ah its creams. Sorry guy!

So this time around I’m debating sample sized shampoo some makeup wipes but I do I take eye cream? has anyone given the Becca under eye brightener a try? I want that. I have dark eye circles. lol

Vitamin C Products +Antioxidant Moisturizers!

Today I want to talk about how I started using a vitamin c product as a result of a good sample from Dr Brandt! I’ve been trying to undo some of my old sun damage and acne scar marks.  I read about how vitamin c was potent and could improve past damage and that by using the vitamin c products you are more prone to burning so you needed a titanium dioxide or zinc oxide or both sunscreen over them. I started using the Dr Brandt vitamin c serum mixed with the Xtend Your Youth cream day and night for about 4 days and I was pretty happy with my skin that I finally bought both the vitamin c serum and the cream. I have been using the vitamin c serum and the cream together in the daytime and layering it with my skinceuticals spf 50 and at night, I use the XYY cream with a couple drops of the Trish Mcevoy antioxidant booster(sample) I see a big improvement with the lightening of my sunspots and the acne scars are fading little by little. I figured why not share this info! I wash my face with Kate Somerville’s exfoliKate cleanser, use a clarifying lotion from Clinique then follow with the vitamin c serum+antioxidant cream. That’s my routine but never forget your sunscreen!

The only problem I seem to have now is that my sunscreen makes me pale like a ghost. What I do to fix that is patting on some Becca rose gold shimmering skin perfector and finishing my look with the stila aqua glow concealer.

iPod Broke and Im Devastated

Im so devastated about my iPod giving out. My friend and her brother say I can get the battery looked at but I don’t know. If its going to cost a fortune Im almost tempted to replace it for a newer one. When you really need to save money, things just have to break! Im already trying to get some more pricey skin products to combat my sunspots and acne and now my iPod? I almost dropped my macbook and I was like great I can just break everything at once and just have my iPad. lol

Anyway I do have some skincare update and funny I say this now after not even giving it a shot but Im really digging the Mario Badescu drying lotion. Very good stuff. Im really trying my best to not touch my face when I breakout. After the one cream I won’t mention broke me out from my cheek to chin area I got all scarred up and Im trying to work on clearing that out with good skincare. Its strong so I would not recommend going near the sun with the product or putting it all over just on the new spots you want to go away. The AHAs products really clear my skin in general but the sun sensitivity is scary. Here I’m trying to improve sunspots but I forget I like to be by the sun for no reason sometimes. So Im currently using a bb cream with peptides and higher spf. Im cleansing with kate somerville’s foaming cleanser but I replaced the eradiKate with Mario Badescu.

My iPod couldn’t have broken at a better time because Im still trying to get a high spf product and replace my now empty night cream. I feel like if everything breaks, I might just stick with a bigger memory iPad or the thin macbook.

Wait a Minute…


Two nights ago, I got severe pain in my abdomen and had to read up on how/why. I started thinking maybe it was all the caffeine I had or maybe may diet and I may have been onto something because I read what to avoid when I have abdomen pain/cramps. I gave up coffee, sugar and the starchy foods and the discomfort got a little better. I didn’t read about green tea being bad so I replaced my coffee with green tea and basically changed my drinks to water and green tea. I got lazy and started mixing the two together and the next thing you know I started losing a lot of body fat. WHAT. Are you telling me it was that easy?lol

So anyway dark green tea mix it with water. I drink lots of it all throughout the day.  There is a real cool store a couple miles from where I live its really like a select shop and they carry everything I love but Im never thin enough to make a purchase. Has anyone had that feeling? They’d carry up to a size 30-31 and Im off the grid there. lol. Im finally inspired to really do a 180 for myself. I’ve decided to start jotting down what I eat, the calories and keep track of how long a work out each week….so that’s that and this summer I plan to paint my nail in every green and blue shade available. I just thought that would be fun. On my wish list is a nice darker yellow, a lilac purple polish, that new styling wax from Oribe and of course anything from the Tom Ford summer line! I bought 2 things from Tom Ford and now Im hooked. The rose soleil lipstick is phenomenal! The shade is so beautiful.


Eventful Weekend.

This week was full of surprises some good, some bad. The bad was bad enough to give me a headache. The good was being able to talk to friends. I have this one real cool friend who gives me updates on good food and music.  Every few days she posts on a cool cafe, menus for desserts or mac and cheese. I had asked her about something I read about and she goes “no just no” and I laughed so hard. I’d rather have someone tell me if something is a bad investment or not. She does a good job convincing me to avoid bad purchases.

So yesterday, I went to this beauty store looked around saw some great finds and tested some products. There was a cc cream I had debated to buy for quite some time…my thoughts after testing it, NOPE. lol The product did nothing to cover imperfections. Im no longer that person with natural glowing skin, I need a lot help.  Unfortunately no Charlotte Tilbury, or burberry. I suppose I can go the distance for them.

Today I had someone go run errands for me and turns out the item I wanted is now marked down and I was like “yes get all of it” lol. Would that be considered a bit obsessive? I always think when a store like Target does markdowns, they will be doing away with the brand itself. I can’t take any chances…and of course last but not least, I will be trying the Becca brand backlight priming filter and the new Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation either tomorrow or Monday. I look forward to posting my thoughts on it!


Just When You Thought You Were Done…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I put something away something will happen. A good example is, I went to grab a lot of my cold weather clothes, folded them nicely went through hell to put them away and the weather does a 180 on me. We’re supposed to be in the 40s and 50s . Im not complaining because I love this weather. It just sucks that I have to go pull out some of those hoodies and cardigans. Im really loving this rain and the bug free days.

Its been colder so the too faced coconut primer has really helped keep my skin hydrated. I’ll wash my face, put on some moisturizer and the coconut primer and I could almost go out spf free but I have heard of the new no sun but bad for your skin articles. I’ve read enough articles to “try” to wear at least spf 8-10 on rainy days. So I’ll dab about 3 pumps(yes its a lot)of the coconut primer and something lightweight but pretty as you probably already know I’m really digging the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder but I also started using the Koh Gen Do foundation + Mercier tinted moisturizer. I finish my look with some bronzer and then mist my face with some mist. Once my powder bronzers run out Im going to get myself the new Hourglass illume trio palette. Its so pretty. Anyone own one yet?

Last but not least I’ve got myself a new primer and starbucks happy hour is here. No complaints! Time to go grab my hoodie and uggs. Yes, I wear uggs in the rain.


Planning Ahead…

I realized I had gone without coffee for almost 2 days and when I finally had the coffee I could finally think straight. As I was saying earlier the week was long. I do this new thing where if I have nothing nice to say about someone, or something I just don’t talk about it and I try to move on. Emphasis on try. After I got the 2 cups of medium roast coffee, I started thinking about what fun was waiting for me on my trip! I thought about the only sold in Japan items on the coffee shop menus(Tully’s, Starbucks, Doutors)wait a minute do they even have Doutors here? Lets just say Doutor’s is lovely. They carry a couple desserts and their coffee is quite delicious. I usually get a non sugary coffee drink with a slice of whatever I like they offer for the day. I can’t wait to do that again!  Thinking about the trip just got me all giddy inside. I also jotted down which stores I wanted to check out possibly MUJI because my cousin and I’ve always loved their products and we don’t have one by my area and maybe I’ll check out the Ikea in Japan. My friends and I plan to hang out on or two of the days while Im  there but I plan mostly to stay with family. Im packing bare minimum and I’m raiding family beauty shelves. I know Im going to find some cool K beauty stuff in their beauty shelves/cabinets.

Im almost tempted to buy a pair of cool sneakers while Im there. I always loved going to cool shoe stores in Japan. They carry the best selections…dreamy…..


Hoping for Rain!

With all this heat, pollen and bugs everywhere it makes going places less pleasant but there are other ways to enjoy staying indoors. Today I had fresh strawberries and dipped them in one nutella. The fruits are so delicious this spring! Im trying to add vitamin c into my diet by actually eating or drinking them. It gives me that burst of energy I need to work out. Woke up this morning feeling so refreshed, thank you lemons!

Hopefully the weatherman is right and we get some rain tomorrow. I really want to go get some too faced mascaras. Yes, after reading an article about a beauty editor hoarding the mini sizes I may just buy a couple of the travel size if not at least a stick of the full size. I also found the cool sunblock I’ve been trying to get for years may be sold at the local spa! Who would’ve thought but you never know until you get there. Sometimes they show a brand and you get there and you’re like wait a minute…the brand or product are no where to be found. Does anyone know about iS products by any chance? Dermalogica precleanse?