Illuminating Primers.

I just want to say I love Meghan Markle and after hearing she was using the Laura Mercier foundation primer radiance I bought it. I was like SOLD! I’ve been very happy about that decision. Originally I was eyeing the bronzing primer but I’ve always loved that subtle glow and the color in there is not over the top and beautiful.

I’m also¬†using the Stila one step illuminate underneath my sunscreen and it does wonders. I had to share it with people because its great.¬† Both items are fantastic. I did use primers at one point on a daily but there wasn’t that wow about it and I quit using primers. These items you just need a drop or two you can blend it in your moisturizer, under your sunscreen it is so easy and for someone as dry and sensitve skinned as I am (im still told im combination for moisturizers but still..)I will take any blurring effect I can get.

Thank you Meghan Markle for looking so good. Your hair and make up inspire me and now I’m growing out my hair and I even blow dry it to smooth it out now!