Review: Youth To The People Kale+ Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Superfood face wash

This is one of the products that were high on my must-try list/wishlist. I was worried to try it because I’m pretty sure the actual bottle it comes in is glass which is better for the product to stay fresh but dangerous for someone like me who drops things. I was very intrigued by the gorgeous green contents and the simplicity of the bottle. I finally tried it and here are my thoughts:


-smells so good. fresh and light and just fantastic. if I were waking up and put a couple drops of this in my palm and took a whiff I would be like YES!

-its a light not quite gel like thin texture easy to smooth on, easily washed off

-I’d say I’m on the drier side but most people shouldn’t have tight feelings and if you do, just keep a lightweight toner by your side after you wash.



-can’t think of any

I rate this one 9/10 I take 1 off for the glass bottle–maybe if they make a smaller travel size in a tube kinda like the kate Somerville styles-I’d be in.