So Far, So Good.

September’s just begun and I am loving it. The weather here is chilly, mostly rainy on and off but I love days where I can be lazy about my skincare. We had a thunderstorm yesterday but I made it home in time to avoid the hardcore stuff. I’m back to working out and I’m in the middle of this dvd I just bought and I’m hoping the ending is well worth it. If it isn’t I’ll bring my JBL speakers with me. My goodness I love that portable speaker. Its waterproof, the sound is so good and easy to place anywhere.

Yesterday I was pleased to see Jean Godfrey June on intothegloss. I read some of the comments there and I was like you should go green where you can and mix and match in other areas. I think being scared of sulfates can be dangerous because are you going to just start throwing out your items when you find it in there? I like a mixture of green and nongreen products. I was very interested in the vintner’s daughters serum because I own it and have never really used it consistently. Its been too sunny or i’d been wearing too much vitamin c products and I didn’t have the right sunscreen or whatever but this weather is perfect for me to use it on the daily. I also own the blue cocoon. I love that blue cocoon balm. I’m getting ready to buy some hardcore sunscreen so it looks like perfect timing. On another note has anyone realized how aggressive some of these delivery company workers are? Smashing packages deliberately like they have anger issues? What happened to being happy you were employed and pride in your job? I was horrified seeing my last shipment I laughed a little. I look forward to writing about new products I bought this month!

Fun Stuff

I had to finally come to realization that my old portable speakers were no good. They wouldn’t work even with new batteries so they went to the dump. I had my eyes set on the beats pill style one but I was told to look into JBL. I was like why JBL and was told it has really good sound its good stuff. So I’m like why not and find a very simple cool one called the Flip! I have been using the speakers every day since purchasing them.

I had a couple new release dvds I wanted to get and I went ahead and got the Amy Schumer/Goldie Hawn movie Snatched. I thought the movie was hilarious. The tapeworm scene had me quite disturbed but…in the end fun movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the Big Sick sometime. Septembers right around the corner and I’m excited for new changes in my life, possibly more travelling too! I really enjoy the travel posts I read from others very inspiring.

Last but not least, I enjoyed the September issue of Allure. Helen Mirren on cover and there was an interview with Helena Christensen(who I adore)and I was so impressed by her effortless wavy hair and I’m going to paint my tips. I’m definitely ombre-ing my hair. Yup.