How to Deal: Blotchy Arm Issues.

Once again, my blotchy skin on my arm is back-in full swing really. For some reason, ever since I relocated every man I come into contact with has been nothing but kind they do not point out my flaws(which for me are reoccurring blotchy upper to middle arm issues which come and go but still some scarring) and they say things to me like “you look great” Its really something how kind people are where I live now. With all the seriousness of everything right now, kind people bring me back when I go to a dark place….

Anyway–I’d like to talk about some of what I have always thought were great products in case I never wrote about it here. Cleanser wise I don’t think they make the Neosporin cleanser which I used to buy so I would use 4 types: Neutrogena grapefruit (which for some reason is way better than the original when it comes to skin clearing and brightening might be the vitamin c in it)atoderm line oil cleanser from Bioderma, the lavender line from Aveeno, and last but not least the good ol’ DIAL antibacterial body soap. The Taiwanese dermatologist I met in January said that some of my problem was poor eating, the panic leading to stress breakouts and ofcourse touching the spots over and over (im still working on all 3 bad habits) really great doctor though. She had me taking oriental mixtures of stuff and it worked until I ran out–womp womp wooooomp.

So–I finally got my Neutrogena grapefruit body wash annnnd I finally ordered my replacement Jao brand goe oil!! Mine was comfiscated by a mean lady. I was like 60% through so it was very emotional but I follow the rules! Nothing works to clear or moisturize my arms/patches/blotches like good ol’ goe oil, suvana paw paw ointment, and finally the green tube of Kate Somerville oatmeal cream. All of them work wonders and are soothing worth a try. Suvana if you ask me more gooey-cause its got honey in it but the more reasonable of the 3–but quickest and most fantastic results for me being the goe oil. I’ll be going through this tube within a month I can tell ya that. To the store I do business with, so grateful for your sample tube of atoderm cleanser. I needed it. How do you hire such wonderful employees that guess what I need?

Empties: October 2018

  • MDsolarsciences mineral tinted crème spf30
  • Clinique take the day off cleansing balm .05oz
  • Drunk Elephant umbra tinte
  • Garnier skinactive micellar cleansing water
  • Dr. Hauschka rose nurturing body cream
  • Jao brand goe oil
  • R+co palm springs pre shampoo treatment mask

sampled: Bioderma atoderm ultra nourishing anti-irritation shower oil, oribe gold lust repair and restore conditioner, ursa major fantastic face wash