My One and Only Desert Island Item

So here and there I’ll cheat and use other products sometimes for the hype sometimes because a packaging or shade. The one and only product I always find myself going back to is the Stila all day 10 in 1 HD illuminating beauty balm. Its my desert island must have. Its so good. I was turned onto Stila years ago when the lip glazes and the tinted moisturizers were out and I tried everything and at the time I was a big fan of their illuminating foundation powder. It was so easy it covered my random acne and uneven-ness and then a dry skin miracle-they come out with bb creams. I tried everything but the bronzing version so both the silver and the illuminating. The original silver for some reason did not give me anything I wanted but the illuminating bb was the perfect yellowish pink gold that complimented my not quite medium but also note fair skintone.

The bb cream smells like heaven and I only need a dab to cover my skin problems. Its the best $38 I will spend on a product. I’m very picky and I prefer to spend less but I forget, repurchase and strangers will go “is that your own skin or is it foundation” and I go neither its stila illuminating beauty balm! The it cosmetics illumination one is quite close in medium but I don’t know if its a tolerance issue and I’m using stila again until my skin improves because with Stila I don’t have any skin problems.