Illuminating Primers.

I just want to say I love Meghan Markle and after hearing she was using the Laura Mercier foundation primer radiance I bought it. I was like SOLD! I’ve been very happy about that decision. Originally I was eyeing the bronzing primer but I’ve always loved that subtle glow and the color in there is not over the top and beautiful.

I’m also¬†using the Stila one step illuminate underneath my sunscreen and it does wonders. I had to share it with people because its great.¬† Both items are fantastic. I did use primers at one point on a daily but there wasn’t that wow about it and I quit using primers. These items you just need a drop or two you can blend it in your moisturizer, under your sunscreen it is so easy and for someone as dry and sensitve skinned as I am (im still told im combination for moisturizers but still..)I will take any blurring effect I can get.

Thank you Meghan Markle for looking so good. Your hair and make up inspire me and now I’m growing out my hair and I even blow dry it to smooth it out now!

My One and Only Desert Island Item

So here and there I’ll cheat and use other products sometimes for the hype sometimes because a packaging or shade. The one and only product I always find myself going back to is the Stila all day 10 in 1 HD illuminating beauty balm. Its my desert island must have. Its so good. I was turned onto Stila years ago when the lip glazes and the tinted moisturizers were out and I tried everything and at the time I was a big fan of their illuminating foundation powder. It was so easy it covered my random acne and uneven-ness and then a dry skin miracle-they come out with bb creams. I tried everything but the bronzing version so both the silver and the illuminating. The original silver for some reason did not give me anything I wanted but the illuminating bb was the perfect yellowish pink gold that complimented my not quite medium but also note fair skintone.

The bb cream smells like heaven and I only need a dab to cover my skin problems. Its the best $38 I will spend on a product. I’m very picky and I prefer to spend less but I forget, repurchase and strangers will go “is that your own skin or is it foundation” and I go neither its stila illuminating beauty balm! The it cosmetics illumination one is quite close in medium but I don’t know if its a tolerance issue and I’m using stila again until my skin improves because with Stila I don’t have any skin problems.