Review: rahua hydration shampoo + conditioner

I bought the travel sized duo a while back and thought my hair is very limp and sad and dry and frizzy again why not. Here are my thoughts:

  • the scent is very fresh but not like in a citrus kind of way. to me the shampoo and conditioner smell like strawberry puree/or a berry smoothie. does not smell like the original version i’ll tell ya that. (I prefer this hydration scent)
  • ingredients include mango fruit, passion fruit, aloe leaf, green tea leaf extracts to name a few–(impressive)
  • the shampoo is richer but my hair drinks it up it–it rinses out nice
  • the conditioner seems rich enough but not as rich as the shampoo which is EXACTLY WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW
  • I currently blow dry my hair most days now because I can convince someone that my hair is better looking this way vice air drying due to the damage and limp-ness…
  • travel size shampoo $9.00 conditioner goes for $9.50/2oz.

would I buy this product again? heck yeah infact I’d purchase the full size of both items. The scent, the texture–all of it is fantastic.

If I were to rate this its a 9.5/10 because ofcourse rahua products cost $$ back when I consistently colored my hair I would purchase huge bottles of the original (this was back when they only had the voluminous and original)set but…I really dig both this hydration line and the color full line–but right now my mane concern is frizz-dryness and this shampoo/conditioner make my hair happy!