Review: Verb hydrating shampoo and conditioner

I had been wanting to try this shampoo for quite some time and was lucky enough to be given a sample. The sample was generous so I was able to use it twice. Its rare there’s more than one use so I must say generous, Verb!

Here are my thoughts on the shampoo

-smells very nice. its not citrus its not quite floral but maybe its floral. Its very light but nice. the scent is definitely something someone not into strong scents would love

-if I’m not wrong its sulfate free

-has ingredients like argan , vitamin b5, quinoa to name a few

-made my hair super soft. softest its been. this one actually wins the award for smoothing out the coarse feeling

-nice next day hair



-smells light like shampoo

-not too rich but rich enough to smooth on if I’m not wrong this one is a 3-5 minute conditioner so i’d follow that

-hair is soft and manageable.


I rate this one 10/10 because its just a little more expensive than the drugstore brands but it makes my dry coarse hair so soft and I loved it and I’m missing my sample! might ask for that when someone asks!