So Much to Choose From.

Yesterday I bought a jar? of the L’Occitane ultra soft cream in “honey harvest” I also bought the extra gentle soap in the same scent. Its definitely honey with hints of citrus or some kind of fruit. The soap is shaped like a cloud which is adorable. I tend to wash my hands way more than I should so on days when I just need a quick wash, its what would be perfect may not need lotion to keep them moist.

I used to use their rose scented jar body cream and used it within a month or so because it was so amazing. The shea butter version without scents are not really my thing because the scent is over the top but this version and the rose I really love. The lush store is full of dreamy scents too. I completely understand my friends’ obsession with the brand. I would love a jar of the ro’s argan and maybe the karma one. I’m also curious of the argan body butter and the olive body butter from the body shop. Sometimes I wonder if my skin is so dry because I may have diabetes…I gotta work on eating better. Well…have a lovely day, reader(s).