Review: Verso Hand Serum with retinol 8

Occasionally the hip store I shop at(the most out of all stores I do business with because of their selections/brands and wonderful sampling system ask and I will tell you) gave me a sample of this magnificent Swedish gem. Today my hands are in the no-return chapped so bad they are red and burn zone so I thought why not test this here are my thoughts:

  • the name is serum but the texture is oily and rich its very similar in color and texture to Vaseline its oily but if your hands need it, it sinks in within minutes and my hands are so smooth like velvet
  • the scent is so elegant and mysterious like amber or myrrh possible one of those blended with bergamot or lemon? just beautiful scent
  • some of the wonderful ingredients to this anti-aging hand serum are: niacinamide, glyrcerine, shea butter, cera alba(which I believe is beeswax) and retinol…just, wow!

when you see the flat packet sample, you’re like you’re kidding how much is in here but I squeezed til the last drop and slathered all of the product on my hands and my wrist and boy am I glad I did! Highly recommend and infact I may get this for not only myself but also my mama!!