Review: Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s invisible oil shampoo and conditioner

As I probably wrote about here, I bought both those items at a nearby spa. I ran out of most of my r+co items and I had been curious of the invisible oil line since I used to use the oil when it first came out. I loved everything about both the items and here’s what I thought about them:

the shampoo- the instructions tell you to use a dab on wet hair. At first I was like a dab hmm until I put some into my palm and realized the texture is more thick than regular shampoo I’ve used(even the sulfate free ones weren’t like this texture) it has a nice soft scent and has ingredients like coconut, grapeseed, argan and gardenia to name a few to smooth and detangle drier hair types. Rinsing it out was harder but its similar to the curl care shampoo and I like both of the shampoos so far. price $31 for 8.5oz

Now the conditioner-its not too thin which I like it smells soft like the shampoo and the ingredients are just about the same but if I had to choose 1 because I was saving money or on a budget maybe i’d buy a cheaper shampoo and buy the conditioner(but if you’re smart maybe ask for a sample during checkout somewhere) you’re supposed to leave it on 1-2 minutes from root to ends but I decided not to go all the way to my roots but close enough it rinsed out nice and my hair is less tangly! I almost think its a cheaper conditioner to the Oribe one I loved because it detangles!  Price$34 for 6.7oz

would I buy the items again: YUP. I would budget shop elsewhere and get them. I say if I had to choose between the curl care the curl care is just a tad ahead because my hair bounces more but…they come super close. Right when I think about walking away B+b pulls me back in!



Review: Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray

After complaining about dry hair for so long I figured there had to be something out there for me. What I was looking for was something quick, lightweight but something that makes my hair look healthy and shiny.

Here’s what I can tell you about the product it tames frizz, its lightweight, the scent is a floral and a hint of tropical like scent, you can spray a small amount and get instant smoothness once its combed in. It can be used daily has UV protection and is $34 for 3.2 oz. Kinda pricey but I can assure you a little bit will go a long way. So far I love it and don’t know how I lived without it!

L’occitane Repairing Shampoo + Conditioner

I suffer from dry, coarse thick hair. Its been an issue since late November. I’m really on a lookout for a shampoo more than anything and I found my product in the L’occitane repairing shampoo! Lucky for me while on travel in Japan I made a couple purchases at a L’occitane shop. One of the employees there was like you should try this sample and I was like ooh hair stuff sure. I saved it at the time since my hair was in much better condition. Now its dry coarse my scalp also dry. This shampoo covered every issue its very velvety to the touch clear and everything I’d want in a shampoo minus the fact that if you’re sensitive there is SLS and its smells quite natural almost medicinal herbal. I was asked today about what products I use on my hair! I was like humble brag ” sample from L’occitane” the shampoo and conditioner rinse out nice I finished my look with some oribe star glow wax just a small amount scrunched it to bring out my waves.

Favorite Hair Products

I don’t know about everyone else but the winter was harsh on my hair. Not only was my hair dry it tangled and it lacked shine. I tried all sorts of products and realizing there were two items that worked perfect together.

What I started using for a month or so is the Rita Hazan triple threat split end remedy then I squeeze a nickel size of the oribe supershine moisturizing cream for shine. Not only does my hair smell like heaven I can airdry or blow dry with no hassle. Had I known the oribe cream was so good I would’ve bought 2 tubes! The great thing I found out was that the lighter version is an option for thinner hair and the supershine moisturizing the one I use is for thick coarse wavy/curly hair and some places carry the travel 1.7 oz size! Worth a try!

Leonor Greyl Bamboo Shampoo

For some reasons a couple days ago, my hair decided to quit being shiny and just got dry and brittle. Funny story it did that mostly on the top to mid section and the ends are just frizzy and damaged..I was real confused and upset but I realized I had a sample of the Leonor Greyl bamboo shampoo for dry, long hair. Let me tell you, its amazing! Its not sulfate free so normally I’d steer away from it for that reason but I haven’t had a LG product I didn’t like. My hair instantly came back to life I was so happy to see the bounciness was back and not have to worry hand combing would give me problems. No problems whatsoever! The only thing I don’t like is the scent. The scent is a bit off-putting. Almost masculine. It reminds me of a nice male cologne but everything else is superb!

I finish my routine with the ouai hair mask or something from Alterna caviar! Im pretty sold on the product that Im willing to get a bottle of that and maybe a bottle of that cool Briogeo one! Until then Im going to quietly use my mother’s pantene age defy shampoo. Anyone have an idea if the OGX brand’s bamboo shampoo is any good? I’ve always loved their shampoos!



July 2016 Empties

-Koh Gen Do cleansing water

-Josie Maran moisturizer with spf 47

-Dr. Bronner castille soap “lavender”

-Dr. Hauschka rose day light cream

-Ouai repair conditioner

all great products not one negative thing to say about them. I don’t know which one I love better the KGD water or the wipes…they both smell fresh and take off sunscreen like no other.

New Hair Products I tried(and Loved)

I thought what better than to post about the fairly new products I tried and loved so here we go! First product I tried was the alterna pre shampoo treatment. What you do is dab it all over your DRY hair, let it sit between 5-15 minutes wash it out, then shampoo and condition as usual. End results were great I was left with more volume and moisture!

I tried biotin products for the first time after all my friends raving about it and I must say I see added volume and I really enjoyed biotin shampoo.

Last but not least, Bumble and bumble curl (care) I think thats the name of the newest line for waves/curly hair and its awesome. Shampoo smells good but the conditioner was the winner out of the two. The creaminess was amazing it was so easy to put on the ends of my still dry and frizzy hair and I enjoyed every second of it. I rinsed it out after a minute or so of leaving it on and I didn’t even use a styling product and my waves look flawless. The scent lingers but I LOVE it !!!


Humidity Brings Frizz I Don’t Need.

Downside to wavy or curly hair that has extra damage? The frizz that comes with humid weather. I really love the John Masters Organics rose + apricot hair milk. Usually the one product does everything but today my hair is flat and sad. I debated whether it was worth frying my hair with a hair dryer after avoiding it for so long or to use a curling iron but then it hit me I had beach hair products! My current favorite is the alterna beach products. They have everything from sprays to creamy stuff. I like them both but my current fave is the beach bb in the turquoise tube. Its like a vacation in a bottle. I think my current wavy hair product favorites are the ouai wave spray, the love+salt spray and the alterna beach bb. I think a little bit of volume makes hair look so sexy.

As for skincare I finally tried the sisley exfoliator. I was pretty impressed with it. Like most of their products it smells floral, the texture reminds you of the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant. I’ve tried 2 out of the 4 products I wanted to try from Sisley and I have nothing but praises for the brand! I just don’t know if I’ll be able to afford anything lol

2016 Summer Beauty/Hair Picks

The weatherman is generally right when he said tomorrow you’ll notice the temperature change…its probably going to hit the upper to mid 80s by 2pm. Im thinking its between 79-80 as I type this. Quick change! I am quite excited to tell you that I am ready for this heat because I already invested in great products for the next 3 months!

My selections include:

sun bum spf 30

md solar sciences spf 50

Tatcha luminous dewy skin mist

Charlotte Tilbury Light wonder

Chantecaille just skin

Rms master mixer

Tom ford pink sand cream blush

Nuxe huile prodigieuse shimmer

John Masters organics rose & apricot hair milk

Now if I could add the new la mer the after sun enhancer and the laura mercier bronzed butter face and body veil I’d feel 100% complete but I can’t afford it so…I’ll stick to the products I own(listed in the above list)

Passing on Deals…….

Oh don’t you just hate when you finally move on and start to run low on something, someone sends you a discount of a lifetime. To me a discount of a lifetime is anything over 15% because no one gives them anymore. lol

I really wanted to replace some of the candles that are close to burned out, wanted to get my hands on some of the new cult brands and I also wanted some random stuff like moisturizers. You could never have enough moisturizer because of skin tolerances and whatnot. I also wished I had bought more Koh Gen Do stuff before it got hot like this. Im kind of excited to see if they really carry KGD in Japan in the select stores I looked up. I started jotting down more places to check out and Im quite excited. I also want to say hey sephora thanks for putting cool new brands into your store whether its an online exclusive or for both! I am so impressed with the new selections. Everything from the K beauty lines, RMS….organic shampoo brands…so awesome. I just got another Klorane sample from some other store the olive one…I was going to give to a friend of mine but…Im curious about it so Im keeping it. lol. Does anyone know if John Masters will ever come in to Sephora? That would be amazing huh?

On another note has anyone got a badly beat up package and felt confused. I had one of those days today. I didn’t know whether to take a sigh or just walk away and be like nononononono…..but I got over it quite quick because the contents blew me away!