Review: Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

This was gifted to me by my favorite store(yes although I was upset and we had a not so great back and forth due to confusion I am STILL one of their #1 fans since about 10 years ago so…I’ll be back just not right now..but anyway thank you for this wonderful sample)

I used this deluxe sized dry shampoo which is a spray type and not necessarily my choice because I like powders when it comes to dry shampoo but I never say never now…here are my thoughts

smells like signature Oribe stuff(elegant/universally flattering)

absorbs oil once it is massaged in/takes some time to work into not a quick process

great product and my hair fluffled up some. would I purchase it? YES. Might be the only high brand spray type I’d be willing to get…I recommend it if you already love Oribe products.