Review: Glossier futuredew oil serum hybrid & mint balm dotcom

Today I’m reviewing the Glossier futuredew(which was a sample I got more than enough for me to enjoy, thank you!) here are my thoughts on it:

  • when its first out of the sample packet it looks like its separating because its a hybrid ya know so you need to blend the product I would do it in the palm of your hands maybe warm the product to melt it and then use your fingers to tap it on if not, maybe use both your hands to massage it in.
  • its used AFTER your sunscreen which I find very cool as a person who uses tinted sunscreen because its like this last minute luminizer and its dewy
  • there is a herbal scent to the product if you are sensitive it may not be your thing it does not bother me one bit
  • if you’re skin is not great(like mine)it may not be your thing BUT I can tell you it does enhance and all of us have bad/good skin days. I read somewhere that it makes you look better during Zoom meetings.
  • After hours, my skin still looks luminous in a good way I did not put a lot on. I like it I could possibly purchase it down the road. For the price and how nice it makes you feel/look(I have pore issues and can’t blame that on any product and could eat cleaner to improve my skin)its a 9/10 The packaging is super cute too.

Onto the “mint” balm dotcom:

  • I love all things mint as you probably noticed I was upset that after I purchased my second fresh brand mint lip balm, they came out with a lemon?mint version in a jar. My friend from school laughed very hard when I joked just when…you repurchase the mint stick version, they gotta add that lemon or lime to make it smell better….BUT this “mint balm dotcom” is your classic mint scent its very nice.
  • the texture is perfect to use as a lipbalm, maybe fixing your brows in place, skin salve for anywhere else. I use it on my face where the irritation or dry patches are and the soothing feeling mint gives me is perfect to keep me from touching my face as much
  • Some people are sensitized by the term petrolatum? here’s the thing if your skin is so chapped and cracked it is considered one of the best water resisting moisturizers! I found this out because I always had obsessions with heavy/daily handwashing which is what lead me to Lucas Papaw ointment in the first place. Some people may not like the Lucas Papaw scent. Glossier offers 3 untinted versions of their balm dotcom which are: coconut, mint, and the original(I have tried both the original and the mint as of today and recommend both)
  • would I repurchase…lets just say I may get a 3 pack soon. if not one of the 3 I mentioned here. if you’re into the shimmer thing they offer a birthday balm dotcom which contains glitter?shimmer?mica? particles…pure happiness really. who knows maybe i’ll get that. I even got my friend hooked. It is one of the best $12 you will spend without having to go to Amazon(which I do love)and they do a flat rate shipping for about 5 or 5.95 via usps and everything about the company is adorable. If there’s nothing else you want to try get this its travel friendly multitasking I don’t know how I went without for so long. Im taking it everywhere I go! 10/10