Matcha powder and vanilla frozen yogurt!

Its been a couple days since I started drinking my water filled with matcha powder. If there’s anything I love its matcha. All things matcha whether its ice cream, the syrup they make for shaved ice, just drinking the matcha hot with no sugar.  I can’t get enough. I’m on my last pack so I was hesistant but also realized it was going to expire sometime between now and next month and decided to just enjoy the heck out of it. What I do is I get a about 2-5 tablespoons and blend it into my water bottles (yes a couple so I can get like 2-4 servings or more out of it)and throw it in my bag when I go out. Between the matcha powder and the frozen yogurt and tofu and  I started eating my skin is looking so smooth and it glows. I get so many compliments and I even found a very cool guy nodding at me and I don’t know why but I started to nod too.

What I realized about frozen yogurt especially the vanilla type is it goes with everything. You can just add fresh or frozen fruit, sprinkle on peanut powder and if I feel like I want both matcha and the vanilla together I just sprinkle the matcha powder onto my vanilla froyo! So in my current diet there’s chicken, eggs, tofu, matcha, frozen yogurt peanut powder and other nuts including walnuts, peanuts, almonds, popcorn(replacing my chips)and bananas! Although I am going to go out and purchase blueberries soon! I need a new mixer so I can make some smoothies. I broke the last one…Is anyone else as excited about April as I am?