Drugstore Find: Neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion

I was using the Neutrogena eye pads but one day–the horror incident happened. I bought mine and someone had ALREADY TORN MY protection lid inside. It was weird not to mention very violating I had to debate what I’d do with the item and I was like you know what–i’ll use it to wipe off the makeup I put on my hands when I’m done with everything.  Then it got me thinking would I want something very personal like that or other eye makeup removers with no protection seal?NO. Even worse they’re kinda pricey and hard to find and who knows if they stole some from there or touched the upper pad so I tossed the first one on top.

Here are my thoughts on the eye makeup remover lotion


-no strong scent just a hint of something light or fresh

-very creamy and easy to blend directly on eye or onto cotton pad

-gentle and takes off a lot of my kajal makeup too

-the easy tube and flip top lid making it easy and sanitary

-says there’s aloe, glycerin and cucumber which I like



none I can think of

I rate this product a 10/10