Review: Bumble and bumble Don’t blow it Thick (H)air styler

My hair is past my shoulders now. The trimming helped it grow and I always feel like when its too long its limp but when its at my shoulders I want to do something with it without putting too much time. I was a big fan of the salt sprays but they have really dried my hair out and I came across this B&b tube while I was surfing Sephora. As you know

We have a real hip salon that carries b&b products so I bought the mini tube and let me tell you it is incredible. It doesn’t dry or tangle my hair next day hair looks incredible and it smells nice. So right now for me if I have the time I’ll straighten it but right now I dab on leave in cream + split end mender then a quarter size or less of the don’t blow it twist my whole hair into a bun leave it like that four hours, and hair looks so good. I’m purchasing the huge tube very soon.